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Jimmy DiResta Biography

Jimmy DiResta is an American New York-based designer, artist and video producer, fabricator, and television personality. 

DiResta enrolled in the school of Visual Arts in 1986 and he graduated with a BFA degree in 1990. He formed a now-defunct toy design company/store called “DiResta” in the East Village in 1993. And he went on to teach at the School of Visual Arts.

Jimmy DiResta Age

DiResta was born on April 3, 1967 in New York City. He is [agecalc birthdate=1967-04-03]

Jimmy DiResta Siblings

He grew up in the Five Towns area of Long Island with his siblings John DiResta. Kathleen DiResta and Joseph DiResta. John is a former New York Transit police officer turned comedian. Fry cook, and actor and Kathleen is a jewelry designer.

Jimmy DiResta Taylor Forrest | Jimmy Diresta Married | DiResta Wife

DiResta is married to Taylor Forrest, a designer and creator of furniture and home wares in a studio that is based in the lower east side of Manhattan. She mainly uses bronze, leather and steel to make the furniture.

Jimmy DiResta Career

DiResta began his career as a graphic designer in New York City, where he worked for several years before starting his own company, DiResta Design. He later transitioned into woodworking and metalworking, which he learned from his family members who were also skilled in these crafts.

DiResta’s work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries, and he has collaborated with various brands and companies on design and restoration projects. He has also hosted several television shows, including “Trash to Treasure” on HGTV and “Dirty Money” on the Discovery Channel.

In addition to his professional work, DiResta is also active on social media, where he shares his creative process and DIY projects with his followers. He has a popular YouTube channel, which has over 2 million subscribers and features videos of his woodworking and metalworking projects, as well as his creative process.

Overall, DiResta has built a successful career as a designer, artist, and television personality through his passion for woodworking, metalworking, and restoration.

Jimmy DiResta Make

Make (magazine) published a book co-written entitled “Workshop Mastery with Jimmy ” in 2016.

Hammered With John & Jimmy DiResta

In 2006, DiResta co-hosted Hammered with John & him, on HGTV. It focused on the marriage of Jimmy’s craftsmanship and John’s humor. The show’s tagline was “Jimmy can make anything and John can make anything funny.” In 2009, he hosted “Against the Grain” on the DIY Network.

Jimmy DiResta Podcast

He now has the nickname “Jimmy Two Shows” as both his podcast and the show share a name.

Jimmy DiResta Book

Make (magazine) published a book co-written by Jimmy and John Baichtal in 2016.

  •  Workshop Mastery with DiResta: A Guide to Working With Metal, Wood, Plastic, and Leather

Workshop Mastery With Jimmy DiResta

He is a skilled craftsman, artist, and TV personality who has a YouTube channel called “DiResta” where he shares his knowledge and expertise in woodworking, metalworking, and other crafts. His channel has gained a large following due to his unique style and ability to create incredible projects from scratch.

In his workshop mastery series, Jimmy shares tips and techniques on how to improve your skills in various craft disciplines. He covers everything from tool selection and safety to design principles and project planning. He also shares his personal experiences and insights into what it takes to be successful in the craft world.

If you’re interested in improving your skills in woodworking, metalworking, or other crafts, then Jimmy DiResta’s workshop mastery series is definitely worth checking out. You can find his videos on his YouTube channel or website, and he also offers workshops and classes for those who want to learn from him in person.

Where Is Jimmy Diresta Shop? | Shop Location

DiResta’s shop is located at 15 Clinton St, New York, NY 100.

Jimmy DiResta Net Worth

Jimmy’s net worth has not yet been revealed.

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