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Shawntel Newton Biography

Shawntel Newton is an American former reality television personality and a director at Newton- Bracewell Chico Funeral Home. She was a contestant on the 15th and 16th seasons of The Bachelor.

Newton spent two-and-a-half years to get her degree at American River College, and found that her course of study was not unlike that of a nurse, with many anatomy and biology classes.

Shawntel Newton Age

Newton was born in 1986 in Chico, California, U.S. She is 33 years old as of 2019.

Shawntel Newton Family

Newton was born to Ric Newton and has two sisters. Her father heads the Newton Bracewell Funeral Home and Shawntel wishes to succeed her since she is good at the industry and enjoys it.

Shawntel Newton Photo

Shawntel Newton Husband

Newton is married to Paolo Poidmore with whom he has two children. Her first child, a son was born on May 26, 2017. The couple welcomed their second child, Leo, in October 2018.

Shawntel Newton Son

In May 2019, Newton began to share about her son Leo rare birthmark and his accompanying health condition. After giving birth to her son, Newton came to learn that he has a large birthmark covering one side of his face and that he had Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS).

When she talked to Fox News, she said it is a “struggle” when she goes out with her baby boy after he undergoes a laser treatment, which “makes his birthmark darker” and results in “red blotches on his face.”

She has also opened up about the comments she has battled as a result. “One time I had someone ask me if he had the measles. I cried after that comment,” she said. “I try and understand that to most people he does look a little different but it’s hard on a mommy’s heart to hear things like that.”

Shawntel Newton’s son Leo

The reality TV personality opened up about how her son Leo’s birthmark was mistaken for measles when he actually suffers from Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS). She shares “It can be a struggle when I am out with Leo after he has had laser treatment and people will stare and wonder what is on his face,” she shared in an interview published Monday, May 13 2019.

“The treatment makes his birthmark darker and there are red blotches on his face. One time, I had someone ask me if he had the measles. I cried after that comment. I try and understand that to most people he does look a little different but it’s hard on a mommy’s heart to hear things like that.”

Newton opened up about coming to terms with Leo’s health condition and she addressed how she is learning “dismiss the stares” after her son undergoes treatment.

Shawntel Newton Bachelor

She was nominated by her two sisters to appear on the show. Newton was a contestant on the 15th season of The Bachelor. During the show, she brought bachelor Brad Womack home to Chico and to visit her family and the family business, Newton Bracewell Funeral Home.
She was however eliminated in week 8.

She said that she left the show with a new friend, becoming close to another of the final four women, Chantal whose name Brad would often confuse with hers. But she does not share the same cozy relationship with Michelle, who offered biting commentaries about the other women during private interviews that the other women didn’t see until the episodes aired.

She then returned for the 16th season of The Bachelor, but was asked to leave that same week.

Shawntel Newton Book | Final Rose Shawntel Newton

In the book Final Rose, Newton shares stories about death, compassion, and the relationships she tried developing while working as a funeral director. She takes the reader behind the scenes of the reality show, gives a look at her tight-knit family, and tells what’s happened to her since being on the show.

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