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Ariana Madix Biography

Ariana Madix is an American actress and producer born on June 24, 1985. She is best known for appearing in the reality series titled Vanderpump Rules. Madix is also known for Anger Management (2012) and Waking Up With Strangers (2018).

Madix attended Flagler College from where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre and broadcasting. She later studied at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Madix moved to New York City to pursue her career in entertainment. She has been featured on MTV,, and New York Magazine. She has also been featured in the can, an episode of Dads on FOX, and FX’s Anger Management.

Ariana Madix Age | Ariana Madix Birthday

Madix was born on June 24, 1985 in Melbourne, Florida, USA. She is 33 years old as of 2018.

Ariana Madix Family

Though Madix is not that much private with her personal life, she doesn’t disclose information about her parents. According to some sources, she has a brother named Jeremy Madix.

Ariana Madix Photo

Tom Sandoval Ariana Madix | Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Madix and fellow Vanderpump Rules pal Tom Sandoval have been together for 5 years as of 2019. Though the couple has had an on and off relationship, the couple has not failed to show affection for each other. They have also gone ahead to express their wish to have a future together by buying a house.

Ariana Madix Cocktail Book | Ariana Madix Book

Ariana Madix and his boyfriend Sandoval will release their book on how to mix a cocktail. The much-discussed book is set to be released late 2019. Sandoval explains that the release will be for anyone who has burning questions about how to appear as experienced as the SURvers.

Tom told The Daily Mail, “It’s gonna be really awesome. Before I became part of the book, I was sort of helping Ariana with it indirectly. We’ve changed directions now though as far as where she was going to go initially, and we are going to self publish. Get into Urban Outfitters, bring it out to parties.”

Ariana Madix Vanderpump Rules

Madix has appeared as a main cast on the American reality television series Vanderpump Rules since its third season and recurred in season 2. She is a bartender at SUR restaurant, and an aspiring actress

Ariana Madix Net Worth

The Vanderpump Rules cast is worth an estimated $1 million.

Ariana Madix Diet

In July 2018, Madix took a little break from her regular workout routine. She took to Instagram on July 24 to share a photo of herself tucking into one of her favorite snacks. She wrote: “I’ve gained so much weight the last two months not working out but I’ll never stop eating hummus.”

Ariana Madix Red Dress | Ariana Madix Dress

Ariana Madix Photo

Ariana Madix Twitter

Ariana Madix Instagram

Ariana Madix Interview

 You are on a shopping spree; what are the first 3 stores we would catch you in?

I do so much shopping online! But for the real deal: LF Stores, Reform School in Silverlake, and Topshop.

Fans absolutely loved your Vanderpump Rules Season 2 Reunion look. Did you style it yourself? What inspired it?

I had a few looks I was going between, but that won out! My mom and I found those pieces while shopping on Melrose. I was inspired to do something different and luckily my good friend Olivia’s (creator of the Crystal Cult) mother, Callie Usey was able to do all of my tailoring. Of course, there was also a LOT of double stick tape involved! I wanted to feel futuristic and like I could pull out a bow and arrow at any moment. I also love Blake Lively’s style and was very inspired by a couple of looks I had seen from her in the past.

You have to skip town in a hurry and only have time to grab three items from your closet. What do you take?

Most likely, I’m already wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and engineer boots so I can grab a flannel, a dress to go out in, and a coat.

What is a must have look for any woman in Spring 2014?

Seriously awesome geometric prints!

Give your best fashion tip to girls who want to steal your style.

Have fun! Who cares about following the crowd or being “pretty” or “girly” all the time?! Dress for you and what makes you smile when you look in the mirror.

Who do you consider your style icons?

Brigitte Bardot, Cara DeLevigne, Blake Lively, Beyonce, and Andre 3000.

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