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Alana Morrison Biography

Alana Morrison is a 21 year old college student and model from New Haven, CT. She is a contestant on Love Island USA, an American dating reality show based on the British series Love Island.

Alana’s Instagram also describes her as a “Singer, and Song Writer. She launched her album “Oh Boy” on 26 October 2018. She said that the album represents three years of production. Each song in “Oh Boy” represents a separate experience of Morrison’s, which allowed her to help guide her own journey of self-discovery.

She is a rising senior at Bowdoin College, majoring in Africana studies with a minor in Asian studies and English.

Alana Morrison Age

Morrison is 21 years old. She has not disclosed her date of birth or when she celebrates her birthday.

Alana Morrison Family

Morrison keeps her personal life private hence nothing is known about her father, mother or siblings.

Alana Morrison Photo

Alana Morrison Partner

Morrison claims to have never been in a serious relationship. This is why she packed her bags for Love Island in hopes of updating that status for good. She is also hoping Love Island will expand the dating pool beyond her small college town.

Alana Morrison Love Island

Love Island USA is the American dating reality show based on the British series Love Island. It premiered on July 9, 2019 on CBS. Morrison joined the villa on the first day of the show with 10 other singles in hope to find their better half. She coupled up with Yamen Sanders.

Alana’s ideal romantic partner is funny, adventurous, ambitious, and can hold a conversation. She prefers a guy who has a razor handy because she prefers “minimal facial hair.”

She also wants everyone to know that she is “a very optimistic person that tries to look for the lessons in everything.”

Alana Morrison Love Island Contestants

Morrison’s other contestants on the show include;

Kyra Green

Zac Mirabelli

Caroline Viehweg

Weston Richey

Yamen Sanders

Mollory Santic

Alexandra Stewart

Cashel Barnett

Elizabeth Weber

Michael Yi

After the the first five girls entered the villa, they were given time to meet each other. They then moved to the pool where they picked the couples. The guys then picked the girl they wanted to be paired with one at a time.
Cashel picked Caro, Yamen picked Alana, Zac picked Elizabeth, Weston picked Mallory, and Michael picked Alexandra. Kyra walked in imediately after and was told that she could steal one of the guys in 24 hours. After creating the couples, the contestants were able to mingle until they eventually went to bed.

Kyra tried to make connections with the guys on day 2 and she admitted to the girls that she felt attracted to three of them: Weston, Yamen, and Cashel. Kyra then received a text saying it was time for her to choose and that all of the islanders had to move to the fire pit.

On the second episode, Kyra picked Cashel at the re-coupling. Caro was now left single. After receiving a text, it was then revealed that at the end of the week, someone would be left single and would be dumped. It was also revealed that Kyra and Cashel would go on their first date.

While at the date, Caro told Alexandra how Kyra should’ve talked with her before. She also asked Alexandra if she would talk to Michael to which she said it was fine. The same nght there was a challenge that one at a time, a piece of luggage comes down and lands on a girl. The girl has to open the suitcase and read a secret and they have to guess which guy the secret belongs to by kissing them.

After the girls round, it was the boys turn to guess the girls’ secrets. They all tied with two points each.

On Night 3, they played spin the bottle with a pineapple, when it landed on someone, they asked them a question to get to know them better. Two new Islanders Cormac and Dylan entered the villa on day 4. America could vote on which two girls the two new Islanders should go on dates with. America decided Dylan should go on date with Alexandra and Cormac with Caro. After the dates, both guys received a text telling them to choose another girl to go on a date with. Dylan chose Mallory and Cormac chose Elizabeth.

Michael Yi was dumped on the fifth day after re-coupling and he was not picked.

Katrina Dimaranan entered the villa on day 7 alongside Christen McAllister. They were informed they would be speed dating all of the boys on Day 8 each date lasting for two minutes.

Each of the dates lasted for only two minutes. Katrina and Christen sent Mallory and Alana in the Hideaway to spend the night with their partners. Katrina chose Weston and Christen chose Yamen. There was a recoupling the following day. At the re-coupling, Dylan picked Alexandra, Zac picked Elizabeth, Cormac picked Caro, Cashel picked Kyra, Weston picked Katrina, and Yamen picked Christen. Mallory and Alana were not picked, they were immediately dumped and had thirty minutes to leave the island.

Alana Morrison Instagram


Alana Morrison Shares more about her

Adopted from: ctv.ca

Interviewer: Why will people fall in love with you on this show?

Alana Morrison: I’m unapologetically myself. I like myself and I like showing who I am. I think I’m a burst of energy that’s needed at times. People take themselves too seriously. I don’t and I hope it would encourage people to just be themselves as well, and to explore that and see what that is.  I’m really goofy and I’m excited for love. I think we should all be excited for love.

Interviewer: Are you good at reading people?

Alana Morrison: Yes and no. If I’m super excited about a guy, I’m not even going to lie, sometimes my blinders go on. So that’s one thing I’m cautious of already. I’m trying to be very mindful, to not get caught up too soon. But I think women-wise, a little bit, yes. I don’t know what it is, but have you ever met somebody and for some reason you just don’t like them? It’s like you don’t know what it is but you don’t like them. I’m a very nice person, so I don’t like being like that.

Interviewer: What’s held you back from having a relationship in the past?

Alana Morrison: I haven’t met the right person, but also I don’t think I was prepared to have a good relationship. It all starts with yourself. So if you’re not ready on your own, like having your set of rules and stuff like that, then I think anything that you try to get yourself into is bound to fail.

Interviewer: What are you looking for in a partner?

Alana Morrison: I’m looking for somebody who’s funny, or at least gets my sense of humour so we get to laugh together anyway. A person who’s honest and can communicate as well as a person who is confident. You can’t come over here with insecurities.

Interviewer: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Alana Morrison: I won’t throw that concept away, but I used to. I believe in lust at first sight, which can get you into a lot of trouble. But as you get to know somebody more based off of that first, like, “Oh my gosh, WHO is that?!” you’re going to be able to get some love out of that.

Interviewer: What’s your weirdest personal grooming habit?

Alana Morrison: I like tweezers. So like, I’ll tweeze my eyebrows… and anything else. I’ll be looking at my face and be like, ‘No, no, no. I think I see something.’ So then I’ll just keep tweezing it until I feel like I’m like on point and everything’s A-okay.

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