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Michael Dreeben Biography

Michael Dreeben is the Deputy Solicitor General in charge of the U.S. Department of Justice criminal docket before the United States Supreme Court. He is widely recognized as an expert in U.S. criminal law.

He was enlisted by special counsel Robert Mueller to assist the investigation of Russia’s interventions into the 2016 U.S. presidential election in 2017.

Michael Dreeben Age

Dreeben was born in 1954 in the United States. He is about 64 to 65 years old as of 2019.

Michael Dreeben Family

Dreebeen has not yet disclosed any information regarding his mother, father and siblings.

Michael Dreeben Wife

Dreeben has always separated his personal life from his professional life. He has not disclosed any information regarding his marriage life, including his wife and children.

Michael Dreeben Photo

Michael Dreeben Career

Michael has had a lengthy career in the Solicitor General’s office, starting as an Assistant in 1988, then promoted to Deputy in 1995. In Dreeben’s first case before the supreme court, United States v. Halper (1989). He was then opposed by John Roberts who later became Chief Justice. He became only the seventh person to argue 100 cases before the Supreme Court in 2016.

He has also taught as visiting faculty member at Duke Law and as adjunct professor at Georgetown Law.

He has also done publications:

  1. “Hot-Cargo Agreements in the Construction Industry: Restraints on Subcontracting under the Proviso to Section 8(e)”. Duke Law Journal1981
  2. “Insider Trading and Intangible Rights: The Redefinition of the Mail Fraud Statute”.

Michael Dreeben Interview

Adopted from: heinonline.org

Interviewer: Much of the Solicitor General’s work involves reviewing adverse decisions. what are you looking for during your review.

Michael Dreeben: When we get a case that has been list in District Court in the criminal area, our first concern is were we right on the law. After close inspection, we conclude that the district judge was right and we were wrong, then it would not be appropriate for the Government to appeal. Similarly, if we conclude that we might have a chance to win in a Court of Appeals, but that we could not successfully defend it in the Supreme Court, that would be reason not to appeal. We also consider whether a particular case is a good or bad vehicle for developing the laware the fasts particularly bad for considering an issue. We give strong deference to how important a prosecution is to the particular district in question. Our general aim is to see if we can find a successful argument that can reasonably be advanced on appeal by the Government.
If we conclude there’s not, after conferring with the Criminal division and the United States Attorney’s office, than approval to appeal will not be given.

Interviewer: How many people do you have working on the staff of the Solicitor General

Michael Dreeben: The Solicitor General’s office has 15 assistants to the Solicitor General and 4 deputies. I am the only deputy who specializes in the criminal area, so all criminal cases come through me. The assistants are not specialized by subject matter. All of them do criminal works as well as civil work. The Assistants belong to one of the last domains of the true legal generalist in appellate law.

Interviewer: How many briefs does the Solicitor General’s office file every year?

Michael Dreeben: In criminal cases, we file roughly 300 briefs in opposition each year. That represents the full range of legal issues and constitutional issues that arise in criminal cases. We also file 15 to 20 briefs on the merits of cases that the Court will decide.

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