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David Ring Biography | David Ring Wiki

David Ring is a Christian evangelist and motivational speaker who was born with cerebral palsy. Orphaned at age 14, he was cast about from family to family with nowhere to call home. He endured constant physical pain, humiliating public ridicule, and constant discouragement. Yet in the face of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles, David emerged not victimized…but victorious!

Since 1973, Ring has challenged thousands of people with his signature message – “I have cerebral palsy… What’s your problem? Ring has been a guest on The Old-Time Gospel Hour, The 700 Club, and at Bill Gaither’s Praise Gathering. He has written one book Just As I Am: The Life of David Ring in 1994. Ring describes gospel musician Mike Speck as his “best friend in the whole world”. Ring has been featured on broadcasts such as John Hagee’s ministry Cornerstone and James Dobson’s Focus on the Family.

He shares his story with over 100,000 people each year at churches, conventions, schools and corporate events. He has also been featured on numerous occasions on several nationally televised programs.

David Ring Age

Ring was born on October 28th, 1953, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He is 65 years old as of 2018.

David Ring Family

David Ring was born in Jonesboro, the son of Baptist pastor Oscar Newton Ring who died in 1954.  When David’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, he pleaded with God not to take her life…she was “all” he had. In 1968, David was 14 years old, when his mother died, and according to David, so did he. He stated that his life was a nightmare and that he was hopeless, worthless and had nothing to live for”.

David Ring Photo

He was left in depression, where at once he tried to commit suicide many times With the encouragement of his sister, however, he gave his life to Jesus in 1970. He was born into a family of twelve children.

David Ring Wife

Ring has been happily married to Karen Ring since 1981 and together they have four children, April Ring, Nathan Ring, Amy Joy Ring, Ashley Ring. He resides in Nashville, Tennessee. They have two grandsons, Carter and Cooper and also a granddaughter, Alexandra.

David Ring Education

He attended Liberty High School in Liberty, Missouri, where he graduated in 1971. Ring earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Jewell College in Liberty in 1976.

David Ring Evangelist

Ring is a Christian evangelist a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, where his new signature message is “I have cerebral palsy, but cerebral palsy doesn’t have me.

David Ring Quotes

  • “Only God can cool the heat—separate the tea back from the water. Sometimes he even puts other people near the heat. People who can endure it. People equipped to help that person regain hope again.” It”
  • “Today, Ring possesses a new passion in an older body: to help bring healing to the millions around the world who have faced the same horrific realities of physical and sexual abuse that he faced. His mission may have refocused itself, but his message remains the same: “God don’t thwo away bwoken things. God use bwoken things.”
  • “And so someone not even twenty years old was expected to decide what they wanted to do everyday for a lifetime four times as long as what they had lived up to that point.”
  • “The very best of high school still can’t compete with the glory of any ordinary summer.”
  • “Time seemed to fly– as happens, they say, when you are having fun. I guess sometimes clichés were actually coined for legitimate reasons.”

David Ring Books

  • The Story of David Ring!
  • Just As I Am: The Life of David Ring
  • The Ring of Solomon
  • The Boy Born Dead

David Ring Net Worth

Ring has made a fortune from his ministry, however, his net worth is not yet disclosed to the public.

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