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Esther Musila
Esther Musila

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Esther Musila Biography

Esther Musila came into the spotlight due to her well-publicized romance with the celebrated Gospel artist Guardian Angel. Their love story reached its pinnacle with a private wedding on January 4, 2022, and they frequently share their deep joy with each other, labeling their bond as something truly exceptional.

Esther Musila Age

Musila was born in May 1970. She is currently old.

Esther Musila Parents I Siblings I Children I Kids

My birth and upbringing took place in Nakuru County under the care of my late parents, Morris and Loise Musila. In my family, I have a sole sibling, Fred Musila. Additionally, I have the privilege of being a mother to three remarkable grown children, comprising two sons and a daughter.

Esther Musila Career I Job

The accomplished mother of three has built a successful career. Her professional journey began in banking, where she dedicated five years of her life.Nevertheless, she subsequently shifted her career path to assume a more prominent position within the United Nations.

Throughout a span of 18 years, she has dedicated her service as an international civil servant, with her central role being that of a program manager. Beyond her official duties, she is also an active content creator. Through her YouTube channel, she passionately shares a variety of content, including music and fitness videos.

Net worth

Esther Musila’s net worth is not publicly disclosed or available.

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