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John Harwood Biography

John Harwood is an American journalist born on November 5, 1956. He is the chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC. Harwood attended Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, where he edited the school newspaper, The Tattler. He served as a copy boy for the Washington Star, his first journalism job while in high school. He then attended Duke University, where he studied history and economics there. In 1978, he graduated magna cum laude.

John Harwood Age

John Harwood was born on November 5, 1956 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. He is 62 years old as of 2018.

John Harwood Family

He was born to Richard Harwood who was a reporter and writer for The Louisville Times and The Washington Post. His mother was an active campaigner according to his article in The Washington Post (April 30, 2000, page B4). He appeared in a television ad for Kennedy’s 1968 campaign at age 11.

John Harwood Photo

John Harwood Career

After college, John joined the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, working in Tampa Bay, Tallahassee, and Washington. John travelled to South Africa where he covered developments in the final years of apartheid. From 1989 to 1990, he was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.

In 1991, he became the White House correspondent for the Wall Street Journal where he covered the George H. W. Bush administration. John finally became a Capitol Hill correspondent and then a political editor and chief political correspondent for the newspaper in 1997.

He frequently appears on Washington Week, a public affairs program on PBS formerly hosted by Gwen Ifill. He also appears on NBC’s Meet the Press, and MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

With co-author Gerald Seib were Tim Russert’s guests in Russert’s last taped interview for Russert’s MSNBC eponymous interview program that was to air the weekend of June 14, 2008, just hours before Russert’s death.

John Harwood CNBC

In March 2006, he became chief Washington correspondent for CNBC. He hosts the CNBC Digital original video series “Speakeasy with John Harwood.” He has also covered each of the last nine presidential elections.

John Harwood Books

Pennsylvania Avenue:

In Pennsylvania Avenue prizewinning journalists John Harwood and Gerald F. Seib show how today’s Washington power game really works. With unprecedented access to capital insiders and with deep understanding of the unspoken rules of the political road, the authors illuminate what it takes to succeed in the high-stakes game of governing and provide insights and examples for how President Obama might affect real change in Washington.

Through stories of party strategists, moneymen, policy-makers, fixers, socialites, lobbyists, spinners, and deal-makers, many of whom now have prominent positions in the Obama administration, Harwood and Seib explore the great political transformations that have altered the relationship between Americans and their government. They showcase both D.C. veterans of the game and the up-and-coming new breed of power brokers who have ushered Capitol Hill into a new age Featuring a compelling new Foreword on how Barack Obama might find success, Pennsylvania Avenue shows how our government really functions and reveals the insiders who make things happen

John Harwood Wikileaks

Harwood saw criticism after the personal email account of political consultant John Podesta who was the then 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, was hacked and had its contents published by the website WikiLeaks in October and November 2016.

John Harwood Email

Among the emails, there were several from Harwood that some critics said indicated an unprofessional level of closeness or collusion between the two. They included an email from May 2015 in which John warned Podesta that then-candidate Ben Carson could represent “real trouble” to the Clinton campaign.

John Harwood Twitter

John Harwood Interview

CNBC’s John Harwood On Dr. Ben Carson And Interviews

Published: TUE, MAY 12, 2015

Interviewer: First of all, how difficult was it for you to get a sit-down setup with Dr. Carson?

John Harwood: It wasn’t, it didn’t seem especially difficult. You know, he was preparing to announce his campaign, and this is somebody who has got a substantial grassroots following, but I think he also wants to reach more of what you might call establishment media audiences, and certainly the CNBC audience. It’s business and financial, predominantly, and I think that that’s a group that any presidential candidate, looking at the money you have to raise, is interested in reaching.

Interviewer: Now I was on the Meet the Press panel the Sunday that, he hadn’t announced, yet. It wasn’t last week, it was a couple of months ago with Chuck doing the lead interview with him. And he was very well-prepared, at the same time cautious and slow in responding to some questions – deliberate, not slow, but deliberate. Did you find him to be the same way?

John Harwood: Definitely. Remember, this guy is new to this arena, and as exceptionally gifted as he is in medicine, this is a tough transition that he’s making, and I think he was deliberate in that, and also combative in some ways against what he thinks is, are people in the media who are trying to burn him.

Interviewer: And interestingly, he puts me in that category, I guess.

John Harwood: I, honestly, I was stunned by that, because I listened to your interview as part of my homework before going up to talk to him. And I, like you, I don’t do gotcha interviews. And you prefaced your questions to him in that way, and I thought were not trying to trip him up. But when I raised the interview with him, your interview, he said, oh, he was giving me a pop quiz, and he was so gleeful when I messed it up. I don’t think any fair-minded person could actually listen to the tape of your interview and reach that conclusion, but he did.


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