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Jonathan Aitken
Jonathan Aitken

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Jonathan Aitken Biography

Jonathan William Patrick Aitken is a British author, Church of England priest, convicted criminal, and former Conservative Party politician. Aitken received his education at Eton College and later attended Christ Church, Oxford. Following his graduation from Oxford, he pursued a career in journalism, working as a journalist for notable publications such as The Times and The Sunday Times.

Jonathan Aitken

Jonathan Aitken Age

He was born on August 30, 1942, in Dublin, Ireland. He is 81 years old.

Jonathan Aitken Height

His Estimated height is 6 feet 4 inches tall (193 cm).

Jonathan Aitken Parents | Sister | Siblings

Aitken’s parents are Sir William Traven Aitken, KBE, a former Conservative MP, and The Honourable Penelope, Lady Aitken, MBE, JP, who is the daughter of The 1st Baron Rugby. Jonathan Aitken is also a great-nephew of the newspaper magnate and wartime minister, The 1st Baron Beaverbrook.

His sister is the actress Maria Aitken, and his nephew is the actor Jack Davenport. Additionally, Aitken serves as the godfather to James Abbott, the son of Labour left-winger Diane Abbott.

Jonathan Aitken Wife | Daughter

Aitken is married to Elizabeth Rees-Williams, and together they have four children:

  1. Petrina Khashoggi (born 1974), from Aitken’s previous marriage to Lolicia Olivera Azucki.
  2. Alexandra Aitken (born 1979).
  3. Victoria Aitken (born 1979).
  4. William Aitken (born 1983).

Jonathan Aitken Education

Aitken’s educational background includes attending Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford. He completed his studies at Oxford in 1965, earning a degree in law.

Following his education, Aitken embarked on a career in journalism, working for notable publications such as The Times and The Sunday Times. He later transitioned into politics and was successfully elected as a Conservative Membe

Jonathan Aitken Prison

In 1995, Jonathan Aitken faced allegations of misconduct related to his official government capacity. In response, he filed a libel lawsuit against a newspaper. However, his case collapsed, and it was subsequently revealed that he had committed perjury during his trial.

As a consequence, authorities sentenced Aitken to 18 months in prison and expelled him from the House of Commons. He served his prison sentence at Belmarsh Prison and was released in 1997.

After his release from prison, Aitken pursued a career as a freelance journalist and author. He also became actively involved in charitable work and efforts related to prison reform. In 2018, he took on a new role and was ordained as a deacon in the Church of England. Currently, he serves as a non-stipendiary minister at St Matthew’s Church, Westminster, and holds the position of chaplain at Pentonville Prison. This marked a significant transformation in his life and career.

Aitken Career

Jonathan Aitken had a varied career spanning journalism, politics, and the church.

He began his career as a journalist, working for the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard. He then moved into politics, serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) for South Thanet from 1974 to 1997. During his time in Parliament, he held a number of ministerial positions, including Minister of State for Defence and Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

In 1995, Aitken was accused of lying under oath in the High Court. He was subsequently found guilty of perjury and sentenced to 18 months in prison. After his release from prison, Aitken worked as a freelance journalist and author. He also became a Church of England priest.

Here is a summary of Jonathan Aitken’s career:

  • Journalist (1960s-1970s)
  • MP for South Thanet (1974-1997)
  • Minister of State for Defence (1992-1994)
  • Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1994-1995)
  • Convicted of perjury (1995)
  • Freelance journalist and author (1997-present)
  • Church of England priest (2003-present)

Jonathan Aitken Net worth

Jonathan’s net worth is around $18.5 million.

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