KRG The Don Age, Bio, Parents, Songs, Net worth

KRG The Don Age
KRG The Don Age

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KRG The Don Biography

KRG the Don, a vocal figure in Kenya’s music scene and a prominent presence on social media, frequently garners attention for his philanthropic endeavors and occasional disputes with fellow artists. He firmly believes that he ranks as the wealthiest and most renowned musician in Kenya.

He was christened Karagu Kimani by his parents before adopting the persona of KRG the Don for his music career and public image. Although some speculate about his Kisii heritage, his name hints at potential Kikuyu roots or origins.

KRG the Don is known for his controversial nature, and details about his educational journey remain somewhat enigmatic, even though he asserts he is a graduate. He began his academic journey in Uganda and later relocated to Kenya.

KRG The Don Age

He was born on January 14, 1991, in Naivasha, Kenya. As of today he is 32 years old.

KRG The Don Ethnicity

Don is of Kikuyu and Indian descent. His father is Kikuyu and his mother is Indian. He was born in Naivasha, Kenya, and grew up in Nairobi.

KRG The Don Family

KRG The Don’s parents are Karuga Kimani (father) and Mathangu Kimani (mother). He has four siblings: two brothers and two sisters.

His brother, Barthez Kimani, is also a musician. He is known by his stage name, Barthez. His sisters are not involved in the music industry.

KRG The Don is close to his family. He often posts photos of them on social media, and he has spoken about how important they are to him.

In an interview with Pulse Kenya, KRG said, “My family is everything to me. They are my biggest supporters, and I am so grateful for them.”

KRG The Don’s family is a source of strength and inspiration for him. They have helped him to achieve success in his career, and they continue to support him in everything he does.

KRG The Don Songs

KRG The Don has released a number of hit songs, including:

  • Body Fine (2008)
  • We Run This (2013)
  • Lamba Lolo (2015)
  • Wheel It (2016)
  • Mambo Imechemka (2017)
  • Wano (2018)
  • Above Dem (2019)
  • Get With It (2020)
  • Antidote (2021)

Kimani’s music is a mix of genres, including dancehall, hip hop, and R&B. His songs are often about love, money, and partying. He is known for his catchy hooks and his energetic performances.

KRG The Don’s music has been popular in Kenya and East Africa. He has won several awards, including the MTV Africa Music Award for Best Male Artist in East Africa. He is one of the most successful artists in Kenya, and his music is popular all over the world.

KRG The Don Net worth

He has chosen not to publicly disclose his exact net worth. Nevertheless, online estimates are available from various sources. According to these estimations, KRG The Don’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

These estimates stem from his earnings in the music industry, his entrepreneurial ventures, and endorsement deals. It is vital to emphasize that these figures are speculative in nature, as they are based on estimates. The actual net worth of KRG may differ, either surpassing or falling short of these approximations

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