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Lee Timmerman Biography

Lee Timmerman is an American KFYR-TV Sports Director/Anchor. He serves as a Sports Director for KFYR-TV, a position he enjoys since the retirement of Rog Higgins in 1989.

Lee Timmerman Age

Timmerman is 55 years old as of 2019, he was born on 06/23/1963 in Tea, South Dakota.

Lee Timmerman Personal Life

Apparently, American KFYR-TV Sports Director/Anchor, Lee is happily married to Amber and resides in Bismarck.

Lee Timmerman Education

The sports reporter is a graduate of Lennox, South Dakota High School and Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota, with a B.S. in Speech Communications/Radio-TV.

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Lee Timmerman Career

Lee Timmerman is an American KFYR-TV Sports Director/Anchor. He serves as a Sports Director for KFYR-TV, a position he enjoys since the retirement of Rog Higgins in 1989. He is also the television play-by-play announcer for University of Mary football and basketball, color analyst for North Dakota State football and for over two decades was the lead announcer for high school state championship events.

Timmerman KFYR-TV

Timmerman is an American KFYR-TV Sports Director/Anchor.

Timmerman Twitter

Timmerman News

Published: Tue 7:47 PM, Jun 18, 2019

Source: www.kfyrtv.com

BISMARCK, N.D. – Not every baitcasting reel has one but Johnnie Candle says if you fish with a bottom bouncer you should have it. MWC World Walleye Champion and ND Fishing Hall of Famer Johnnie Candle: “When I’m fishing a bottom bouncer, I’m using a baitcasting combo and the rod actually has little to do with the presentation. It’s all about the reel and more importantly one aspect of the reel and that’s a flippin’ switch. Without a flippin’ switch, we depress the thumb bar to let line off the reel and then we have to switch hands and turn the handle to stop that line. Hopefully, the bottom bouncer is right where we want it and this provides a lot of opportunities for what we call in the business a “professional overrun.”

You might refer to it as a backlash but when we turn the flippin’ switch on we are now provided with one hand operation. I press the thumb bar to let mine out and when I let go of the thumb bar the reel stops instantly leaving the bottom bouncer right where I want it and virtually eliminating the opportunity for a backlash. You might not think this is a big deal but if you ever get the chance to fish with a lure that has a flippin’ switch you should try it. I think you’ll like it. I’m Johnnie Candle and that’s this week’s Pro’s Pointer.”

BISMARCK, N.D. – Babe Ruth Baseball is holding its 13-15 World Series in Bismarck this August. It’s truly a tournament involving the world because today China committed to send a team to the Capital City. Randy Bina, Bismarck Parks & Rec Executive Director said: “This is a great confirmation that this is an international event, the World Series. I think of the kids that are participating that they will have a chance to play against a team like China it will just be a wonderful experience for the kids and the fans.”

Without the renovation of Municipal Park, events like the World Series would not be possible and it’s a good chance to showcase the city and the region at the same time. “I think its a testament to the park district and the administration that they were willing to go out into the community and make those type of improvements and show people not only around the state, the upper midwest but across the country that Bismarck is a baseball community and with that facility we’ve attracted a number of state and regional tournament and the Northwoods League team is here now and we’re adding another notch to our belt with the Babe Ruth World Series coming,” said Tim Kuntz, Bismarck recreation manager. The Babe Ruth World Series in Bismarck begins on August 7 and runs through the August 15.

KFYR-TV says a heartfelt goodbye to our anchor and producer Marcie Bollinger. Here’s a little background on Marcie. Her first job in the business was in Montana. Then she went to Green Bay. Then to Kalamazoo. A much larger market than Bismarck. But only a few people know how Marcie got here. It was actually Sports Director Lee Timmerman’s idea! “I was talking with John when he was first bringing the Larks to Bismarck. And he was talking about how his fiance was an anchor in Kalamazoo. And I thought to myself, hmmm someone with TV experience coming to Bismarck? So I went to J.R.’s office right away and told him he should talk to her. He obviously did. She’s been great and I am sad to see her leave,” said KFYR Sports Director Lee Timmerman.

Her knowledge she brought with her from Michigan is priceless. You could see it on the air every night. “She can go off script. That is a major plus to her and something that I am really going to miss because she could pick up anything that I could throw at her. She could come back with an answer and sometimes it would where we could go back and forth and have it be a funny exchange and those kinds of things were really just awesome and I really like that.” said KFYR Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lawrence.

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