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Mamie Gummer Biography

Mamie Gummer (Mary Willa Gummer) is an American actress who starred in the title role on the medical drama The CW series Emily Owens, M.D. (2012–13), and also playing a recurring role of Nancy Crozier on The Good Wife (2010–15).

Mamie Gummer Age

Mary Willa Gummer was born on August 3, 1983 in New York City, New York, U.S. Gummer is 35 years old as of 2018.

Mamie Gummer Mother  | Mamie Gummer Father | Mamie Gummer Mom

Gummer was born the eldest daughter of actress Meryl Streep and sculptor Don Gummer.  Mary grew up in Salisbury, Connecticut also spending five years in Los Angeles, California. Her father is of Norwegian and English descent whereas her mother has German, Swiss-German, English, and Irish ancestry.

Meryl Streep Mamie Gummer | Mamie Gummer and Meryl Streep

Gummer appeared with her mother in Heartburn (credited under the name Natalie Stern to avoid press scrutiny) as a young child. At the time of the filming, she was twenty months old and she received a positive review in the New York Times.

Mamie Gummer Siblings

She has an older brother Henry Wolfe and younger sisters Grace Gummer, and Louisa Gummer.

Mamie Gummer Photo

Mamie Gummer and Grace Gummer | Mamie Gummer Sister | Mamie and Grace Gummer | Grace and Mamie Gummer

Gummer’s younger sister Grace Gummer is also an actress who received a Theatre World Award for her Broadway debut in the 2011 revival of Arcadia. Louisa being the youngest sibling is a model signed to IMG Models in New York.

Mamie Gummer Education

She attended Miss Porter’s School then graduating from the Kent School in Kent, Connecticut, before she continued her studies in theater and communications at Northwestern University, graduating in 2005.

Benjamin Walker Mamie Gummer

Mary got engaged to actor Benjamin Walker in October 2009 after a year and a half of dating. The couple married in July 2011 at Gummer’s parents home in Connecticut. They resided in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City. The couple amicably separated as it was announced in March 2013.

Mamie Gummer Fiance

Gummer became engaged to actor Mehar Sethi in August 2018. In December 2018, it was revealed that Gummer was pregnant with her first child.

Mamie Gummer Baby | Mamie Gummer Son

Gummer welcomed her first born, a son in February 2019.

Actress Mamie Gummer

Gummer made her off-Broadway debut alongside Michael C. Hall in the premiere of Noah Haidle’s Mr. Marmalade, for which she won a Theatre World Award after graduating from college in 2005. Gummer received a Lucille Lortel Award nomination for her performance in Theresa Rebeck’s The Water’s Edge in 2007.

She made her motion-picture debut as an adult with a minor role in Lasse Hallström’s The Hoax (2006), starring Richard Gere. Gummer starred with her mother in Michael Cunningham’s film adaptation of Susan Minot’s novel Evening, playing her mother as a young woman in 2007. The film which was directed by Lajos Koltai, featured Vanessa Redgrave, Glenn Close, and Claire Danes.

Gummer starred in The Lightkeepers with Richard Dreyfuss, Tom Wisdom, Blythe Danner and Bruce Dern in 2010.

Mamie Gummer The Good Wife

Gummer guest starred on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife in the season 1 episode “Bad” portraying Nancy Crozier. Her character returned on season 2 episodes “Cleaning House” and “Getting Off”.

Mamie Gummer True Detective

Gummer plays Lucy Purcell, a mother of two children who then finds herself involved in a crime in the third season of HBO’s anthology drama True Detective.

Mamie Gummer Emily Owens, M.D.

Gummer starred in the CW’s Emily Owens, M.D in 2012. The series was then canceled early during its first season but then the network continued to air the rest of its 13-episode order. Gummer began a featured role in the WGN America series Manhattan starting in 2015.

Mamie Gummer Movies and TV Shows

Mamie Gummer Movies








An Actor Prepares


Out of Blue

Jennifer Rockwell


The End of the Tour


Ricki and the Flash

Julie Brummel




Echo Park



The Lifeguard


Side Effects

Kayla Millbank




Twelve Thirty


The Ward



Taking Woodstock


The Lightkeepers





The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

Julie Corleone



Lila Wittenborn

All Saints Day



The Hoax


The Devil Wears Prada

Starbucks employee






Annie Forman

Mamie Gummer TV Shows





True Detective

Lucy Purcell


The Good Fight

Nancy Crozier


The Collection

Helen Sabine


Robot Chicken

Carly (voice)


Off the Map

Dr. Mina Minard





John Adams

Sally Smith Adams


The Good Wife

Nancy Crozier


A Gifted Man



Emily Owens, M.D.

Emily Owens



Margaret Bray


Castle Rock

Matthew Deaver’s Mother


The Big C

Maxine Cooper

Mamie Gummer Height

The Emily Owens, M.D. actress stands at a height of 1.73 m.

Mamie Gummer Twitter

Mamie Gummer Instagram

Mamie Gummer and Meryl Streep Discuss Ricki and the Flash

Mamie Gummer Interview

Mamie Gummer on working with mum Meryl Streep: “She had a much bigger trailer than I did, which was a problem”

Published: August 28, 2015


Daily Life: How did they get your hair to do that in the movie?

Mamie Gummer: It was a long process, actually. A lot of scrunching motions.

What was even in there, like mayonnaise?

So much shit. Various things. I think they put like mud in there, goops, oils.

Sounds like a nice morning routine.

Yeah. Usually my hair gets so damaged because they’re blow-drying it endlessly. This was not like that. It took a long time. It took like an hour in the hair chair to make it look that terrible.

It’s such a heartwarming movie.

I know. Jonathan Demme [the director], he’s a very optimistic soul. And it was an interesting pairing, him and Diablo [Cody], ’cause that’s not her general outlook.

Yeah, you get that in the movie – this kind of clash between Diablo’s ironic quips, and Demme’s really inclusive, warm vibes.

It’s highly dysfunctional. But then there’s still hope. I mean, it ends with everyone singing.

You’re working opposite your mum in this movie. But you’ve done it before, right? A very long time ago.

I don’t have any memory of having worked with her ’cause I was so little. I was just a baby. This was a little bewildering, I’d say. It was hard not to feel like I was in the way of the shot. Like, why am I in front of the camera? I should be over by craft services, playing with her makeup or messing up her trailer.

But you’re in the movie!

Yeah, I’m in the movie! Once I actually allowed myself to remember that, it was nice. Um, she had a much bigger trailer than I did, which was a problem.

I read Demme tried to set up some distance between yourself and your mum while on set, getting her to ignore you the whole time.

Yeah. The majority of our scenes were in this one house. There was a room that was like Julie’s room that was set-dressed, and I just hung out in there. I really sequestered myself in it, like a real teenager, keeping the door locked. I just lay in bed for the entire time and stewed.

That’s amazing. Did it bring back memories of dealing with your mum in real-life?

In real-life?

Yeah, I mean obviously Ricki’s a bigger mess than Meryl Streep! But, you know, in the sense that they’re both your “mother” and they’re both “creative types”.

Well, I mean I’m no stranger to having tantrums or like having yelling matches with my mum. It has happened, maybe not quite to Julie’s decibel. Just standard teenage stuff, like “You don’t understand me and you never will!”

I need to know how Meryl Streep reacts to something like that.

(laughs) Well, you know, I think she was pretty patient. She was usually like, “Fine! I’ll let you have that one.”

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