Moya David’s Mumama : I’m Still His Family, Even If I’m Not His Mother

Moya David's Mumama
Moya David's Mumama

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In a recent interview, Moya David’s alleged mumama, identified as Mary Njoki, revealed that she is not his mother. She said that she was only a friend of his mother and that she had been taking care of him since he was a child.

Njoki said that she met Moya David’s mother when she was working as a househelp in their neighborhood. She said that the two women became friends and that she would often babysit Moya David when his mother was not around.

After Moya David’s mother passed away, Njoki said that she decided to continue taking care of him. She said that she loves him like a son and that she would do anything for him.

Njoki’s revelation has cast doubt on the identity of Moya David’s biological mother. The identity of Itumbi’s mother and the reason for her absence from public view remain unclear.

Some people have speculated that Moya David’s mother may be a celebrity who wants to keep her identity hidden. Others have said that she may be dead.

Whatever the case may be, Njoki’s revelation has certainly made Moya David’s life more complicated.
He now faces the challenge of discovering the identity of his real mother and uncovering the reasons behind her absence from his life.

Here are some of the reactions to Njoki’s revelation:

  • Some people were surprised to learn that Moya David’s alleged mumama is not his mother. They had assumed that she was his biological mother.
  • Others were relieved to learn that Moya David is not an orphan. They were concerned about him after his mother passed away.
  • Some people were curious to know who Moya David’s biological mother is. They desire to know the reasons behind her absence from public view.

Njoki’s revelation has certainly shed some light on Moya David’s life. However, it has also raised a number of questions. It is still unclear who his biological mother is and why she has been absent from his life. Only time will reveal if these questions will ever receive answers.

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