Pastor Ezekiel Odero Bio Age, Family, Tribe and Net worth

Pastor Ezekiel Odero
Pastor Ezekiel Odero

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Who is Pastor Ezekiel Odero?

The new arrival on the scene is Evangelist Pastor Ezekiel Odero, who founded the New Life Church in Mavueni, Kilifi. He has gained a significant following thanks to his reputed miraculous abilities. With his followers believing him to be a true man of God.

Pastor Ezekiel Age

Ezekiel is currently in his mid-40s.

Pastor Ezekiel Origin | Tribe

He hails from Homabay County, and now residing in Kilifi County, Kenya.

Pastor Ezekiel Physique

He maintains a slim physique due to his frequent fasting.

Pastor Ezekiel Career | Rise to Fame

Originally, the evangelist started out as a fisherman in Kisumu. But later moved to Mombasa where he studied and worked as a mason. He rose to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many people being drawn to his teachings while confined to their homes. Pastor Pius Mwiru of the Maximum Miracle Centre in Nairobi has been his mentor. And they have been seen conducting services together on multiple occasions.

Initially, he served as an instrumentalist in Pastor David Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness ministry. Playing the piano and violin during church services. However, during one of his services, Evangelist Pastor Ezekiel made a confession that he had previously engaged in sexual sins and had been a fornicator.

Similar to Pastor Owuor, Ezekiel is very particular about dress code in his church, and he is particularly strict when it comes to women visiting his offices. He believes that such visits may lead to temptation, which could potentially trigger his past behavior.

Due to the significant growth in church membership, he relocated his church from Shanzu in Mombasa to Mavueni in Kilifi County. The move was motivated by the need for a larger space to accommodate the growing number of attendees and to construct a bigger church, as well as additional amenities.

In his new church compound, he has constructed hotels, international schools, and other amenities to cater to the needs of his expanding congregation.

Pastor Ezekiel Holy water

He has been observed selling “Holy water” at his church, which is believed to have healing and protective properties and is purchased by people from different denominations and walks of life.

Pastor Ezekiel Education

He attended the Technical University of Mombasa (previously known as Mombasa Polytechnic).

Pastor Ezekiel Marriage | Wife | Children

He lost his first partner a few years ago, leaving behind a son, although they were not legally married. Currently, he is married to Sarah, despite some opposition from his family members, who view her as uneducated. Nonetheless, they have been together for over 13 years and have children, ministering and spreading the gospel worldwide.

Pastor Ezekiel Net worth

Pastor Ezekiel is known to be one of the wealthiest pastors in Kenya, but he keeps a low profile about his net worth and doesn’t disclose it publicly. Instead, he invests heavily in the gospel and church development, as evidenced by the large compound he is constructing in Mavueni, which will accommodate over 20,000 people per service, along with schools, hotels, and other amenities.

Pastor Ezekiel New life Church

The New Life Church, situated about 10 kilometers from Kilifi Town in Mavueni. Currently it is among the largest churches in the country, capable of accommodating up to 45,000 people, according to Pastor Ezekiel. The church’s ministry is also streamed live on its YouTube channel, New Life TV KENYA.

Pastor Ezekiel Arrest

According to reports, Pastor Ezekiel has allegedly been arrested, and his large church has been closed down on April 27th due to investigations into possible illegal activities happening within the church. The investigation is said to be conducted by the DCI.

This development follows the recent arrest of another pastor, Paul Mackenzie, also from Kilifi, who was leading a cult responsible for the deaths of over 95 people.

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