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Chris Underwood Biography

Chris Underwood is an American Sales District Sales Manager and the winner of Survivor: Edge of Extinction. He was named the winner on Wednesday 15 May 2019 taking home the million-dollar prize.

Underwood was voted out in a blindside early in the game, and spent the rest of the time on Extinction Island. After 28 days on the Edge of extinction, Underwood fought his way back winning the title of Sole Survivor.

The Sole Survivor won the season over Gavin Whitson and Julie Rosenberg. Underwood became the first person in Survivor history to win the game after being voted out previously.

Chris Underwood Age

Underwood was born in 1994 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is 25 years old as of 2019.

Chris Underwood Photo

Chris Underwood Height

Underwood has a good stature but his ideal height is not yet revealed.

Chris Underwood Net Worth

The Greenville, South Carolina resident is worth a handsome dollars though his real net worth is not yet revealed.

Chris Underwood Survivor

Chris joined 13 new contestants competing with four returning players in the 38th season of the competitive reality television series Survivor. The season premiered on February 20, 2019 and the season finale aired on May 15, 2019. Underwood managed to craft an extra-ordinary Survivor story, accomplishing more in three days than many players do in 39.

Though he was the third person to be voted out of the game, Underwood fought his way back from extinction. He beat out Joe and dominated the strategic Conversation at camp. Underwood joined Devens, Gavin, Victoria, Lauren, and Julie. As Devens and Chris acquired one idol after another, Victoria and Lauren went home in the first and second tribal councils of the finale, respectively.

After he won the final immunity challenge, Underwood made a shocking decision at tribal council: He gave his necklace to Julie and also volunteered to go up against massive threat Devens in a fire-making challenge. Even though he had a guaranteed spot in the final three, he wanted one last chance to build up his Survivor resume.

And it worked. In a triumphant or gut-wrenching turn of events, depending on how you feel about Devens, Underwood won the fire-making challenge, sending Devens home. And after their breakfast feast, the three headed out to the final Tribal Council, where they pled their cases to the jury. Underwood won the title of Sole Survivor in a 9-4-0 vote.

Chris Underwood Interview

Interviewer: Who or what is your inspiration in life? 
Chris Underwood: The people who have taught me to get back up when I’m knocked down, to fight for the things that matter in life, and to never let my goals get away from me, no matter how big or small.

Interviewer: If you could have three things on the island, what would they be and why? 
Chris Underwood: A surfboard because Fiji has amazing waves!
A skillet because literally everything tastes better on a skillet.
Scuba gear equipped with a spear gun because I love diving and spearfishing.

Interviewer: Which Survivor contestant are you the most like?  
Chris Underwood: Malcolm because of his charm, Rob because he is a leader but also manipulative, Spencer because of how well he understands strategy, and Ozzy because of his skills in the water.

Interviewer: What’s your reason for being on Survivor?  
Chris Underwood: My primary motivation is to say that I accomplished the goal that I was set out to do—win!  Even if the grand prize was $1,000, if I say I am going to do something, then I am everything in my control to achieve it.

Interviewer: Why do you think you’ll “survive” Survivor?  
Chris Underwood: I can make fire, fish, build shelter, and I will most likely be cooking a lot of meals (I’m big into cooking). Also, I’d work hard and won’t lay around camp. I’m a team player in terms of getting a group to work together, I am extremely competitive, and I will do whatever it takes to help my team win!

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