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American chef and television judge Amanda Freitag resides in New York. She frequently appears as a guest on the Food Network television show. On the TV cookery competition Chopped, Freitag serves as a judge. Along with Ty Pennington, she co-hosts the show American Diner Revival.

Amanda Freitag Biography

Amanda Freitag
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Previously known as Cedar Grove High School, Freitag attended Memorial High School. Amanda’s home economics instructor there suggested the Culinary Institute of America as a potential school for her.

After earning her degree from the Culinary Institute of America, she accepted a job at Vong New York where she worked under chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. In 1994, Freitag left Vong to work as a chef at Verbena under Diane Forley. In 1999, she took a trip to France and Italy and spent a brief period of time working for chef Alain Passard at the restaurant L’Arpège.

Amanda Freitag Age

Amanda was born on 11 May 1972. She was raised in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

Amanda Freitag Family

Paul and Kathleen Freitag gave birth to Amanda. Jason Freitag and Justin Freitag are her two brothers.

Amanda Freitag Husband

Despite there being allegations that she is a lesbian, she maintains a very quiet personal life and has not yet given any details about her dating life.

Amanda Freitag Chef

Amanda frequently serves as a judge on Chopped, a cooking competition show. She proceeded to compete against Bobby Flay in “Battle: King Crab” on Iron Chef America. She unfortunately fell short, scoring 49 to Flay’s 50 points. With Freitag receiving one point less in the “taste” category, the judging was otherwise evenly distributed.

On October 16, 2009, she made an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show and showcased dishes for celery root and ginger gold apple soup and yogurt panna cotta.

He participated in Season 2 of The Next Iron Chef, coming in fourth. She announced that in addition to returning for the “Against the Tide” episode of season four, she would remain a judge on Chopped for the 2010 season.

In the Battle Kale segment of the April 15, 2012, Iron Chef America program, she made an appearance with Chopped Grand Champion Madison Cowan and served as Cowan’s sous chef.

On August 7, 2012, it was revealed that Freitag would compete in season five of The Next Iron Chef once more. She was defeated by Alexandra Guarnashelli in the December 23 grand finale.

From January 2014 through July 2015, Amanda served as the Empire Diner’s executive chef in Manhattan, New York. On May 22, 2015, Freitag and Ty Pennington debuted as the hosts of the new Food Network program American Diner Revival, in which they redesign the menus and decor of diners.

Amanda Freitag Restaurant

In 2003, Freitag and businessman Godfrey Polistina established Cesca Enoteca & Trattoria on the Upper West Side. Before accepting a position as executive chef at The Harrison, she worked as chef de cuisine at Cesca.

According to the New York Times, Jimmy Bradley, the Harrison’s proprietor, would take over as chef on September 3 following Freitag’s departure.

Amanda Freitag Net Worth

The gifted cook is thought to be worth $3 million.

Amanda Freitag Cookbook

The Chef Next Door: A Pro Chef’s Recipes for Fun, Fearless Home Cooking

The Chef Next Door shares a wealth of techniques, strategies, and confidence-boosting abilities that Amanda has learned while working in commercial kitchens and competing in culinary competitions. She assists you in mastering the fundamental skills that form the basis of superb, tasty cooking with her cheerful, animated voice. She also teaches you how to think like a chef so that you can develop a menu and prepare meals using professional techniques, just as if she were standing next to you in the kitchen. This includes thinking about seasonality, balancing flavors, comprehending the stages, and learning how to improvise.

With her experience working in commercial kitchens and competing in culinary contests, Amanda presents a variety of tips, tricks, and self-confidence-boosting skills in The Chef Next Door. Her upbeat, energetic voice helps you learn the fundamental abilities that serve as the cornerstone of excellent, delectable cooking. In addition, she teaches you how to think like a chef so that you can create a menu and cook dishes according to industry standards as if she were right there with you in the kitchen. This entails considering seasonality, balancing flavors, understanding the stages, and developing improvisational skills.

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