Who is Brian Ogola?

He’s a talented Kenyan actor making waves in both film and television. Depending on what you’d like to know about him, I can offer several details:

As an actor:

Rising star: He started professionally after high school and has quickly climbed the ranks.

Versatile: He’s comfortable in film, stage, and television, with roles in diverse projects like “Lies That Bind,” “Jane and Abel,” and “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner.”

Award-winning: His talent has been recognized, earning him acclaim for his work in Kenyan productions.

Beyond acting:

Tech-savvy: Brian is also a skilled software developer, with experience in front-end and back-end development.

Active online: Follow him on Instagram (@brian_ogola) for insights into his life, projects, and thoughts.

Passionate individual: He enjoys music, healthy living, and spending time alone.


Selina! It’s a popular Kenyan telenovela that has captivated audiences since its premiere in 2018. Here’s a deeper dive into the show:


Selina tells the story of a bright and ambitious young woman named Selina (played by Celestine Gachuhi). Despite excelling in her studies and dreaming of attending university, her wicked stepmother Kristina schemes to sell her off as a maid for the wealthy Mackenzie family.

Through her resilience and intelligence, Selina wins over the hearts of the Mackenzies, particularly their son Reagan. However, their blossoming romance faces numerous challenges, including Kristina’s machinations, societal disapproval, and Reagan’s family secrets.


Overcoming adversity: Selina’s journey from humble beginnings to overcoming societal and familial obstacles resonates with viewers.

Love and betrayal: The complex romantic relationships, filled with love triangles, forbidden love, and betrayals, keep the audience engaged.

Family dynamics: The show explores the complexities of family relationships, including love, resentment, and forgiveness.

Social commentary: Selina tackles relevant social issues like poverty, class discrimination, and women’s empowerment, sparking conversations among viewers.


Selina has become a cultural phenomenon in Kenya, drawing in millions of viewers each episode. Its success is attributed to its relatable characters, captivating storylines, and high production value. The show has also garnered numerous awards, including Best Telenovela at the Kalasha Awards.


Netizens remained oblivious to the developments in his romantic life and impending fatherhood. Through an Instagram post, Ogola revealed Yvonne’s pregnancy with a captivating picture of the businesswoman, disclosing that they were anticipating the arrival of a baby boy. In the image, she adorned a stylish two-piece tan-colored suit, the coat left unbuttoned to showcase her elegant baby bump. The accompanying caption expressed Ogola’s excitement, stating, “Almost there, Queen. Can’t wait to meet our son. Happy New Month.”


It is clear to say Brian Ogola baby news were received very well by netizens, fellow celebrities too showed support and congratulated Brian and his spouse on the good news. The celebrity news have travelled fast to all his fans and netizens.

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