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Cathy Lee Crosby Biography

Cathy Lee Crosby, a former professional tennis player, is an American multi-talented actress, entertainer, writer, and producer. Crosby remains active in the entertainment industry and continues to work on various projects.Crosby’s net worth is estimated to be $51 million.

She has starred in 75+ films, including the first Wonder Woman movie (1974), the highest-rated female-led TV show ever with a 49 share. Crosby was knighted “Lady Cathy Lee Crosby” by the Royal Order of Saint John for her humanitarian work, focusing on confined youth since 1981.

She ranked #7 in singles and #4 in doubles in international tennis, often playing with her sister Linda Lou. As UN Special Ambassador to Children, she was confirmed by both the US House and Senate.

Crosby founded the ‘Get High on Yourself Foundation’ and entertained troops with Bob Hope on his final Middle East Christmas Tour.

Quick Facts about Cathy Lee Crosby

1.  Name: Cathy Lee Crosby

2.  Birth day: 2

3.   Age: [agecalc birthdate=1944-12-02]

4.   Profession/Occupation: Actress/Tenis player

5. Marital Status: Not Applicable

6. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

7. Height: :5 feet 8 inches tall (1.73 m)

8. Net worth: $51 million.

Cathy Lee Crosby, Age

Crosby was born on December 2, 1944, in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Cathy Lee Crosby Parents

Crosby was born in Los Angeles, California, as the middle child in a family of three. She is the daughter of Linda Hayes, an actress, and Lou Crosby, who was a scriptwriter and an announcer.

Cathy Lee Crosby Sister Sibling

She has two siblings: Lucinda Crosby and Linda Lou Crosby. Her parents later separated, and her father moved to Australia.

Cathy Lee Crosby Husband

Lee was married to Alexander Wilfred Ingle, whom she married in 1966 and divorced in 1968. She is currently single.

Cathy Lee Crosby Children

Lee does not have any children.

Cathy Lee Crosby Net worth

Crosby’s net worth is estimated to be $51 million. She earned her net worth through her successful career as an actress, model, and television personality.

Cathy Lee Crosby Height

Crosby is 5 feet 8 inches, or 1.73 meters tall

Lee Crosby Joe Theismann Relationship

Crosby and Joe Theismann were in a relationship from 1980 to 1991. They never married, but they were together for 11 years.

Crosby and Theismann met in 1980 when they were both co-hosting the television series That’s Incredible!. They quickly fell in love and began dating. Their relationship was very public, and they were often seen together at sporting events and other public functions.

Cathy Lee Crosby Tennis Career

Crosby was a professional tennis player in the 1960s. She was ranked as high as #7 in singles in US junior tennis competitions and #4 in doubles. Lee played at Wimbledon twice, in 1964 and 1965. She also competed in the US Open and the French Open.

Crosby’s tennis career was cut short by a knee injury. She retired from tennis in 1967 to pursue a career in acting.

Despite her relatively short career, Crosby made a significant impact on the sport of tennis. She was one of the first female tennis players to achieve success in both singles and doubles. She was also a pioneer for female athletes, breaking down barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in sports.

Cathy Lee Crosby Wonder Woman

In 1974, she starred as the title character in the television film Wonder Woman. John Donald Francis Black wrote the television film. It is based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

Vincent McEveety directed the film, and Cathy Lee, Kaz Garas, Charlene Holt, Ricardo Montalban, Richard X. Slattery, Andrew Prine, and Anitra Ford starred in it.

Cathy Lee Crosby Movies

  • Trackdown
  • Coach
  • The Dark
  • World War III,
  • Untamed Love (1994)
  • Ablaze (2001)
  • The Laughing Policeman
  • Ablaze
  • The Sons of Mistletoe
  • The Big Tease
  • Prayer Never Fails
  • Final Run
  • When the Cradle Falls
  • A Memory In My Heart
  • Lost Treasure of Dos Santos
  • The Last Guy on Earth
  • Roughnecks
  • Intimate Strangers
  • Shaft: The Capricorn Murders

Cathy Lee Crosby Philanthropy

Many charitable foundations, including the Special Olympics, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Children’s Hospital, City of Hope, the USO, and Babies with AIDS, have benefited from her active involvement.

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