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Hannah Aitchison Biography

Hannah Aitchison is an internationally-recognized, multi-award-winning tattoo artist. She is currently located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Aitchison has also lived and worked in Chicago, Los Angeles, and London.

She is best known for appearing on the reality television shows Best Ink and LA Ink. Aitchison founded a Pittsburgh-based studio called the Curiosity Shop. Hannah has  also studied classical singing and is an expert knitter.

Hannah Aitchison Age

Aitchison was born On December 20, 1966. She is [agecalc birthdate=1966-12-20]

Hannah Aitchison Family

Aitchison is the sister of tattoo artist, Guy Aitchison. Aitchison and Guy were both born in Michigan and raised in Illinois.

Hannah Aitchison Daughter

Aitchison has one daughter, Holly.

Hannah Aitchison Tattoo Shop

Aitchison and fellow tattoo artist Scott White founded Curiosity Shop in 2014. They wanted to create a weird, fun, and unique creative environment for tattooing, tinkering, art creation, and to house their collection of vintage and antique ephemera.

They also wanted a place to call home, and where their clients could feel comfortable and also inspired by the offbeat and wonderful art and antiquities that the two have collected over the years.

La Ink Hannah Aitchison – Aitchison Kim Saigh

“L.A. Ink” was a reality television series that aired on the TLC network from 2007 to 2011. The show followed the daily operations of a tattoo studio, High Voltage Tattoo, located in Los Angeles, California. The two main tattoo artists on the show were Hannah and Kim Saigh.

Hannah is a tattoo artist from Chicago, Illinois. She specializes in neo-traditional and realistic tattoo styles and has been tattooing professionally since 1995. Aitchison has also been featured on other tattoo-related shows such as “Ink Master” and “Best Ink.”

Kim Saigh is a tattoo artist from Chicago, Illinois. She is known for her unique tattoo style that blends traditional and contemporary elements. Saigh has been tattooing professionally since 1993 and has also been featured on other tattoo-related shows such as “Miami Ink” and “Tattoo Wars.”

Both Aitchison and Saigh were regular cast members on “L.A. Ink” and became fan favorites for their talent and personalities. However, in 2011, Aitchison left the show to pursue other opportunities and Saigh also departed shortly after.

Hannah Aitchison Best Ink

Hannah was a judge on Best Ink alongside Joe Capobianco and Sabina Kelley.

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