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Iranian-American Rose Shiva (Shiva Rose Afshar) is an actress, blogger, and proponent of unrefined beauty.

Shiva Rose Biography

Rose has a writing career in addition to her acting profession and has written for a number of publications, such as The Huffington Post and GOOP. She also wrote the book “Whole Beauty,” which focuses on healthy lifestyles and natural beauty techniques.

Shiva Rose Age

Shiva was born on February 8, 1969, in Santa Monica, California, USA. She is [agecalc birthdate=1969-02-08]

Shiva Rose Family

Parviz Gharib-Afshar, an Iranian television celebrity, gave birth to Shiva. He now airs a program called Tapesh on the Persian Broadcasting Company. Her mother, Carol June, had a television program in Iran and was an opera singer.

Shiva Rose Marriage

She was formerly wed to American actor Dylan McDermott from 1995 till 2009. The couple is the parents of two girls.

Shiva has not made any public announcements regarding her intentions to remarry following her divorce from Dylan McDermott. She has been concentrating on her job while also writing on her lifestyle blog about her love of holistic health, unprocessed beauty, and mindful living.

Shiva Rose Career

Shiva is renowned for her contributions to wellness and natural beauty. She introduced her own skincare line, “Shiva Rose Beauty,” which uses organic and natural ingredients, in 2010. She is a supporter of sustainable living and mindful consumption and has participated in numerous environmental and social justice issues.

She has a varied career that includes writing, entrepreneurship, acting, and advocacy with an emphasis on natural beauty and wellness.

Shiva Rose Blog

Shiva Rose Net Worth

She is believed to have a net worth of $5 million.

Shiva Rose Twitter

Shiva Rose Youtube

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