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Merrin Dungey Biography

Merrin Dungey (Melissa) is an American film and television actress best known for her roles on the television series The King of Queens, Alias, Malcolm in the Middle, and Summerland. She will costar in the 2019 legal drama The Fix.

She attended Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, California where she graduated in 1989. In 1993, she earned a degree of Bachelor of Arts from UCLA in 1993. She has a sister Channing Dungey who was then named president of ABC Entertainment in February 2016.

Merrin Dungey Age

Merrin was born on August 6, 1971 in Sacramento, California, U.S. She is [agecalc birthdate=1971-08-06]

Merrin Dungey Family

She was born to Don Dungey, a general services manager and Judith Dungey. Dungey was active in ballet and dance as well as piano as a child and she was an accomplished ice skater.

Merrin Dungey Matthew Drake | Merrin Dungey Husband

Dungey is married to Matthew Drake whom she married in a Mariachi style wedding ceremony in Cancun, Mexico, in May 2007. Dungey gave birth to their first daughter in June 2008 and their second daughter in 2011.

Merrin Dungey Actress

Melissa had small roles in Hollywood films such as EDtv and Deep Impact and on television series such as Martin. He then landed the recurring role of Kelly Palmer on the CBS television series The King of Queens, in which she starred from 1999 to 2007. Dungey appeared in every season in the series except for the 2002-03 season.
He is also well known for her role as Francie Calfo on the drama series Alias, in which she starred from 2001 to 2003 and also had an appearance in the 2006 series finale episode All the Time in the World.

Dungey also had a recurring role on the FOX sitcom Malcolm in the Middle as Stevie’s mother, Kitty Kernaban. Merrin was appearing in all three shows (The King of Queens, Malcolm in the Middle, and Alias) at the same time at one point in 2011.

then portrayed Susannah in the WB drama series Summerland from 2004 to 2005. She appeared in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that served as a backdoor pilot for Private Practice and was replaced by actress Audra McDonald for the actual series.

She guest starred on the ABC sitcoms Surviving Suburbia starring Bob Saget, Better Off Ted starring Portia de Rossi, Castle starring Nathan Fillion and HBO’s Hung starring Thomas Jane.

Merrin Dungey The Resident

Dungey joined the cast of the medical drama The Resident as Claire Thorpe in September 2017.

Merrin Dungey Ursula | Merrin Dungey Once Upon A Time

In 2014, Dungey portrayed the recurring roles of Ursula on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Ursula the Sea Witch is an antagonist who appears in the second half of Season 4. As a teenager she is portrayed by Tiffany Boone and is then portrayed as an adult by Dungey.

Merrin Dungey Malcolm In The Middle | Malcolm

The television sitcom Malcom in the Middle played two different, unrelated characters. In the pilot episode she plays Malcolm’s teacher before he transfers to the Krelboyne class.

In the first season, she appears as Kitty Kenarban, Stevie’s mother who left him and Abe, but then returned. It is also shown that Kitty is very overprotective of Stevie.

Merrin Dungey Private Practice

Merrin appeared in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that served as a backdoor pilot for Private Practice. She was replaced by actress Audra McDonald for the actual series.

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