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Andy Beshear Biography

Andy Beshear (Andrew Graham Beshear) is an American attorney and politician who currently serves as the 63rd governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Andrew was born on November 29, 1977 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. He is [agecalc birthdate=1977-11-27]


Andy was born to Steve and Jane (Klingner) Beshear. Steve Beshear was the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky from 2007 to 2015. Beshear was raised with the values of family, faith, and hard work.


Andy Beshear’s wife is named Britainy Beshear. They got married in 2010 and have two children together. Britainy Beshear is an attorney and previously worked as a law clerk for a federal judge in Kentucky. She has also worked in private practice, including at the law firm Stites & Harbison.

Andy Beshear Education

Bachelor’s Degree: Governor Beshear earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Vanderbilt University in 2001.

Law Degree: In 2004, he earned his law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Fulbright Scholarship: Governor Beshear was also a Fulbright Scholar, which allowed him to study in the United Kingdom. Where he received a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of St. Andrews in 2005.

Andy Beshear Attorney General | Andy Beshear Office

Andy Beshear is not currently serving as Attorney General or holding any office related to law or government. However, he did previously serve as the Attorney General of Kentucky. From 2016 to 2019 before being elected as the state’s governor in 2019.

As Attorney General, he focused on issues such as consumer protection. Combating the opioid epidemic, and defending the rights of Kentuckians. During his tenure as governor, he has continued to prioritize issues such as healthcare access. Education, and economic growth for the state of Kentucky.

Andy Beshear Running For Governor  | Andy Beshear 2019

He declared his candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination. For Governor of Kentucky in the 2019 election on July 9, 2018.

Andy Beshear Vs Matt Bevin

Andy sued Matt Bevin, the Governor of Kentucky in April 2016, over his mid-cycle budget cuts to the state university system, which he also says Bevin is not authorized to do.

When Mat Bevin tried to illegally cut the promised retirements of teachers, police officers, firefighters, social workers and city, state and county employees, Beshear sued, won and voided that bill.

The Kentucky Supreme Court unanimously agreed with Andy that you can’t take an 11-page sewer bill and then turn it into a 291-page pension bill and pass it in six hours with no public comment.

When Mat also illegally cut the budgets of every state university and community college, Beshear stopped him and returned over $18 million back to the institutions.

When Bevin restricted access to the state Capitol building from Kentuckians who were exercising their constitutional rights to show up and make their voices heard, Beshear quickly put out orders to allow every single person to come in.

Andy Beshear Jacqueline Coleman

Jacqueline Coleman is an educator, basketball coach, and founder of a non-profit. Her family lives in her childhood community in Mercer County.

She is also an assistant principal at Nelson County High School and a doctoral student in Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky.

Coleman is the running mate for Beshear. Coleman plans to focus on creating a world-class public education system in Kentucky to help produce the future leaders of Commonwealth, and also the many challenges facing rural Kentucky.

Andy Beshear Jobs

Andy Beshear is the current Governor of Kentucky, a position he has held since 2019. As governor, he has focused on creating jobs and improving the state’s economy.

Some of the steps he has taken to promote job growth in Kentucky include:

Investing in workforce development: Beshear has invested in education and training programs to help Kentuckians acquire the skills they need to fill high-demand jobs in the state.

Supporting small businesses: Beshear has provided support for small businesses in Kentucky, including grants and loans to help them weather the COVID-19 pandemic and other economic challenges.

Attracting new businesses to the state: Beshear has worked to attract new businesses to Kentucky by offering tax incentives and other benefits.

Investing in infrastructure: Beshear has made infrastructure improvements a priority, including investments in roads, bridges, and broadband internet access, which can help attract new businesses and create jobs.

Promoting renewable energy: Beshear has supported the growth of renewable energy industries in Kentucky, including solar and wind power, which can create new job opportunities while also reducing the state’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Andy Beshear Net Worth | Andy Beshear Salary

Beshear’s net worth and salary is not yet revealed.

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