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Jason Leopold Biography

Jason Leopold is an American senior investigative reporter for BuzzFeed News born on October 7, 1969. He was an investigative reporter for Al Jazeera America and Vice News. Leopold has written stories on BP, Enron, the California Energy Crisis, the Bush administration’s torture policies, and also the Plame affair. Leopold’s pieces have been published in The Guardian, Asia Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, CBS MarketWatch,The Nation, and Utne Reader.

Leopold began his media career writing obituaries for The Reporter Dispatch newspaper in White Plains, New York in 1992. In 1997, he became the crime and courts reporter for the Whittier Daily News and later moved to the City News Service where he covered court trials.

He worked as a city editor and reporter for the Los Angeles Times. He also worked for Dow Jones Newswires as its Los Angeles bureau chief. He was later the US correspondent for 95bFM in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Jason Leopold Age

Jason Arthur Leopold was born on 7 October 1969 in U.S. He is 49 years old as of 2018.

Jason Leopold Family

Leopold keeps his personal life very private and has not disclosed any information on his family.

Jason Leopold and Anthony Cormier

Leopold reported along with Anthony Cormier that President Trump had told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. This story prompted fury—not least because it was to date the only piece of journalism to elicit more than a “no comment” from Peter Carr, spokesperson for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office. He said they had not seen documents that fit Leopold and Cormier’s description.

The Washington Post then reported that the Deputy Attorney General’s office called Mueller’s office to ask whether Mueller would respond to the story. This was a move that would seem to far exceed the Deputy Attorney General’s authority over the investigation.

Jason Leopold and Karl Rove

Leopold reported on May 13, 2006, on Truthout that Karl Rove had been indicted by the grand jury investigating the Plame affair. Leopold said that an FBI source called him and relayed that Rove had been indicted.

He then called a second source who allegedly confirmed that an indictment had in fact been filed. The article was
published on Truthout.org. Truthout defended the story saying variously that it had two or three “independent sources”, before the executive director, Marc Ash, issued a statement apologizing for “getting too far out in front of the news-cycle”.

Karl’s spokesman Mark Corallo denied the story, calling it “a complete fabrication”. Karl addressed the Leopold article in his memoir, Courage and Consequence. He writes that Leopold is a “nut with Internet access” and that “thirty-five reporters called [Robert] Luskin or Corallo to ask about the Truthout report”.

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Leopold is a senior investigative reporter for BuzzFeed News based in Los Angeles. Jason is a 2018 Pulitzer finalist for international reporting, recipient of the IRE 2016 FOI award and a 2016 Newseum Institute National Freedom of Information Hall of Fame inductee.

Jason Leopold Buzzfeed Article

He co-authored an explosive report that alleged Donald Trump directed his personal lawyer Michael D. Cohen to lie to Congress about the Moscow tower project on January 2019. It was a construction deal at the heart of an investigation by the special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. The Moscow tower project attracted attention because such an action by Trump would constitute a felony. This report came under scrutiny, however, after Muller broke precedent by issuing a denial, and other news organizations were unable to corroborate the findings with reports of their own.

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