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American Protestant evangelist Anne Graham Lotz was born Anne McCue Graham.

Anne Graham Lotz Biography

Anne Graham Lotz
Anne Graham Lotz photo

She is well recognized for being the second child of novelist Ruth Bell and preacher Billy Graham. Author of 11 books and the founder of AnGeL Ministries, Lotz.

Lotz completed high school and soon after graduating, she was married. She has been given six honorary doctorates for her considerable work in the field of Bible study and explanation, despite the fact that she did not attend college and has opted not to pursue becoming an ordained pastor.

They are the following: Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – Honorary Doctorate of Divinity, Houghton College – Honorary Doctorate of Divinities, King College – Honorary Doctorate of Humanities, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary – Honorary Doctorate of Divinities, Dallas Baptist University – Honorary Doctorate of Humanities, Seoul Women’s University – Honorary Doctorate.

Anne Graham Lotz Age

Graham was born on 21 May 1948 in Montreat, North Carolina, U.S.

Anne Graham Lotz Family

The second of Billy and Ruth Graham’s five children. Franklin Graham (born 1952), Gigi Graham (born 1945), Ned Graham (born 1958), and Ruth Graham (1950) are her two brothers and two sisters. The Graham family had made their home in Little Piney Cove, which is still in existence in Montreat, close to Ruth’s parents.

For several months at a time, Ruth frequently raised the five Graham children alone. In describing her upbringing, Lotz states, “[My Father] was away nearly full time. My grandparents and I raised me pretty much on our own, so I didn’t know any better at the time.

When she was eight years old, Cecil B. DeMille’s The King of Kings influenced her to become a Christian.

Anne Graham Lotz Husband

On September 9, 1966, when Anne was 18 years old, she wed Dr. Daniel Lotz. Dr. Lotz was starting his dental business in Raleigh, North Carolina, where Anne and Lotz resided. Beginning his dental practice, Dr. Lotz.

In 2015, Lotz, Anne’s spouse, passed away on August 19. Two days before their 49th wedding anniversary, Lotz was found in their backyard pool.

Anne Graham Lotz Children

Twenty years old when she had her first child, Anne. Jonathan Lotz, Morrow Lotz, and Rachel-Ruth Lotz are her three children. She didn’t have a job outside the house.

Lotz admits that the time following the birth of her children was difficult for her, saying: “Early in my marriage, I felt like I distanced from God merely because I was busy – you know, tiny children, small house, all the business of being a housewife. But I looked for God in the Bible. I started reading the Bible myself at that time.

Anne Graham Lotz AnGeL Ministries

Lotz quit her BSF teaching course and started AnGeL Ministries. The ministry is a stand-alone, nonprofit business with its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is dedicated to disseminating messages of biblical exegesis that make God’s Word accessible and meaningful to regular people.

The name AnGel is taken from Anne Graham Lotz’s initials (AGL), and it is particularly appropriate given that angels are God’s messengers who diligently carry out His Word and go wherever He sends them. The ministry acts as the parent company for Anne Graham Lotz’s wide-ranging ministry, which spans her numerous publications, DVDs, CDs, and speaking engagements as well as unique events like Just Give Me Jesus.

Anne Graham Lotz Just Give Me Jesus

In the late 1990s, AnGeL Ministries was expanding, but Anne’s personal life was becoming increasingly strained. A hurricane completely destroyed their property over the course of two years. After that, her husband’s dental practice was destroyed in a fire, and their kid was given a cancer diagnosis and underwent extensive surgery and radiation treatment. The next eight months saw the marriage of all three of her children, while her mother’s health was deteriorating and necessitating frequent hospital stays.

She sought solace in her study of the Bible. During this time, Lotz immersed herself in the gospel of John, and her book Just Give Me Jesus was the result of that research.

When ladies wanted to renew their walk with God, she was then called to start presenting Just Give Me Jesus revivals in important venues both domestically and globally. Men are not turned away should they like to attend, and there is no admission fee for anyone, even though the lessons were primarily intended to educate women.

In a period of ten years, she presented Just Give Me Jesus in 34 places worldwide, with 11 of those being abroad.

Anne Graham Lotz Daniel Prayer

Lotz examines Daniel’s life and clarifies the prayer he prayed in Daniel 9. This prayer was developed under duress, as opposed to the typical “now I’m going to lay me down to sleep” type of prayer. a prayer in which the supplicants visit the cross and confess their sins. a prayer that transforms nations and hearts—even in the modern world.

Sessions of this prayer include:

Preparing for Prayer

Pleading in Prayer

Prompting in Prayer

The Battle in Prayer

Prevailing in Prayer

Anne Graham Lotz Daily Light

A counterpart to The Daily Light Devotional is The Daily Light Journal. It has space for the reader’s own reflections as well as the devotional’s evening readings. Some of the Daily Light Devotional include:

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus – Deluxe Edition
Daily Light – Black Leather
Daily Light – Burgundy Leather

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus
Daily Light – Tan Leather
Daily Light Journal – Updated Edition
Into the Word
Daily Light Journal – A Bible Study for Busy People
I Saw The LORD Journal
Embracing God Journal

Anne Graham Lotz Books

She is also credited with having written various books, some of her publications include:

Just Give Me Jesus
The Vision of His Glory
God’s Story
My Heart’s Cry
Heaven: My Father’s House
Daily Light
Why?: Trusting God When You Don’t Understand
The Joy of My Heart
My Jesus Is…Everything
I Saw the Lord
Life is Just Better…with Jesus
The Magnificent Obsession: Embracing the God-filled Life
Expecting to See Jesus: A Wake-Up Call for God’s People

Anne Graham Lotz Blog

In her blog, You can discover more about Anne’s conversion to Christianity.

Anne Graham Lotz Bible Studies

Free Bible studies that can be used for either individual or group study are available on Lotz’s blog.

3 – Question Bible Studies: Extended, five-day-per-week studies on a single book of the Bible.

Topical studies meant to help you apply the Bible to your daily lives are called devotional Bible studies.

Anne’s Journey to Jesus: A Video on How to Read the BibleWorkshop meant to show you how to discern God’s voice in the pages of Scripture for yourself

Anne Graham Lotz Youtube

For Lotz’s sermons, you can visit Graham’s YouTube on her channel:

Anne Graham Twitter

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