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Our Lady J Biography

Our Lady J, born as Jonnah Speidel, is an American pianist, singer, songwriter, and television writer. She began playing piano at a young age and was trained in classical music. She holds the honor of being the first out trans woman to perform at Carnegie Hall. As well as the first out trans writer to be hired in a television writers room.

She moved to New York City in the early 2000s. And became a regular performer at the East Village piano bar The Monster. Our Lady J’s musical style combines classical and pop influences with her own personal experiences and struggles. She has released several albums, including “Picture of a Man” and “Not Afraid to Say Goodbye.”

Our Lady J Age

Our Lady J was born in 1978 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA. She is about 46 years old.

Our Lady J Birth Name | Our Lady J Real Name

There is no information showing J’s other name.

Our Lady J Pose

She Pose refers to a particular pose or posture that was popularized by musician, singer, and songwriter. The pose involves standing with one’s feet shoulder-width apart and hands on the hips. While leaning slightly back with the chest lifted and head held high. It is often accompanied by a confident and empowered expression.

This pose has become a symbol of self-confidence, self-expression, and self-acceptance, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community. She is a transgender woman, has used this pose as a way to assert her identity and embrace her femininity. It has since become an empowering gesture for many others as well.

In addition to its symbolic significance. The Our Lady J Pose has also been adopted by some fitness enthusiasts as a way to improve posture and strengthen the core muscles. It is a great way to stand tall and exude confidence in any situation.

Our Lady J Transparent

Our Lady is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and television writer. She is known for being open and honest about her life experiences and identity as a trans woman. She uses her art to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and representation.

In terms of transparency, has been very open about her journey as a trans person. She has spoken about the challenges she has faced, both before and after coming out, and has been a vocal advocate for trans rights.

She has also been open about her struggles with addiction and her experiences as a recovering addict, using her platform to raise awareness about the importance of seeking help and support.

In addition to her music career, Our Lady J has also worked as a writer on the hit television show “Pose,” which centers around the lives of LGBTQ+ people in the ballroom scene in New York City during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Through her work on the show, she has helped to bring the stories and experiences of trans and queer people to a wider audience, furthering the cause of representation and visibility for marginalized communities.

Overall, Our Lady J’s transparency and honesty about her identity and experiences have made her a powerful advocate and role model for the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

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