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Christie Lee Woods Biography

Christie Lee Woods is an American model and actress who was the first Texan to capture the Miss Teen USA crown in 1996.

Lee and her husband tech entrepreneur Colin Guinn participated in and won The Amazing Race 31 in 2019. She came to prominence as a beauty queen, winning the titles of Miss Texas Teen USA and Miss Teen USA 1996. Christie was a bright student who got straight A’S in high school and she managed to graduate a semester early. She is a graduate of the University of Texas.

Christie Lee Woods Age

Christie Lee Woods was born on 21 October, 1977 in Huntsville, Texas, U.S. She is 45 years old.

Christie Lee Woods Family

Woods has not shared any information regarding her father, mother and her siblings.

Christie Lee Woods Husband | Christie Lee Woods Colin Guinn

Christie Lee Woods is married to Colin Guinn. Colin Guinn is an entrepreneur and former reality TV contestant who gained fame through his participation in the reality show “The Amazing Race.” The couple met during the filming of “The Amazing Race” and their relationship blossomed from there.

They eventually tied the knot and have been together since. Together, they have embarked on various adventures and continue to support each other in their respective endeavors.

Christie Lee Woods Miss Teen USA

She won the Miss Houston Teen USA title in 1995, then competed in Miss Texas Teen USA 1996, winning the title. Woods represented Texas in the 1996 Miss Teen USA pageant broadcast live from Las Cruces, New Mexico on August 1996, and she became the first woman from her state to win the Miss Teen USA title.

As Miss Teen USA, her sister titleholders were, Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996, of Venezuela, and Ali Landry, Miss USA 1996, of Louisiana.

Christie also reigned alongside Brook Lee, who briefly held the title of Miss USA 1997 before winning the 1997 Miss Universe pageant; and Miss Teen USA 1989 and also 1st runner-up to Miss USA 1997, Brandi Sherwood, who succeeded Lee as Miss USA.

She traveled extensively throughout the United States and made appearances for charity during her reign. Christie gave up her title in August 1997, when she crowned Shelly Moore of Tennessee as Miss Teen USA 1997 in her home state, Texas.

Christie Lee Woods Miss Texas USA

She returned to pageantry and competed in the Miss Texas USA 2002 pageant as Miss Central Texas in 2001. Christie was one of six former Miss Texas Teen USA titleholders to participate in the event. She won the swimsuit, interview, and Miss Photogenic awards, but only placed third runner-up.

Lee tried and won the Miss Houston USA title in 2003 gaining the right to compete at Miss Texas USA 2003 but once again failed to win the crown. She placed as one of the semifinalists alongside Mullins, who also competed, but was not crowned either.

She also competed for the third time in Miss Texas USA 2004, and again only placed in the semifinals. It was her last attempt at the title, because of the age restrictions imposed on contestants.

She would represent the changing times where none of the former Miss Teen USA titleholders would win a Miss USA state crown. Jamie Solinger of Iowa (3rd runner-up to Mrs. America 2005) and Shauna Gambill of California (first runner-up to Miss USA 1998 and Top 10 at Miss World 1998) would be the last in 1998.

Christie Lee Woods The Amazing Race

Christie Lee Woods, along with her then-boyfriend Colin Guinn, participated in the fifth season of the reality TV show “The Amazing Race.” The season aired in 2004 and featured teams of two competing in a race around the world, completing various challenges and tasks to advance to the next leg.

Christie and Colin quickly became a memorable and competitive team on the show. Known for their strong physical abilities and strategic thinking, they consistently performed well throughout the race. Their teamwork and determination helped them overcome challenges and stay in contention for the grand prize.

While they faced some setbacks along the way, Christie and Colin demonstrated resilience and adaptability. Their competitive spirit and unwavering focus on the race allowed them to overcome obstacles and continue progressing through each leg.

In the end, Christie Lee Woods and Colin Guinn finished in third place on “The Amazing Race” season 5. Their strong performance and memorable personalities endeared them to viewers, solidifying their place in the show’s history.

Their experience on “The Amazing Race” further showcased Christie Lee Woods’ adventurous spirit and willingness to take on exciting and demanding challenges. The show provided her with a platform to display her determination, teamwork, and ability to navigate diverse environments and cultures.

Overall, he participation in “The Amazing Race” added to her diverse range of experiences and accomplishments, contributing to her multifaceted career in the entertainment industry and beyond.

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