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Erick Erickson Biography | Who Is Erick Erickson?

Erick Erickson is a conservative evangelical American blogger and radio host from Macon, Georgia, U.S. He hosts the radio show Atlanta’s Evening News with Erickson. And also broadcasts on 750 WSB (AM), and runs the blog The Resurgent. He previously served as the editor-in-chief and the CEO of the conservative political blog Red State. And was also a political contributor for CNN.

Erickson attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. He later received a law degree from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University.

Erickson is known for his work as a blogger and commentator on conservative politics. He founded the conservative blog RedState in 2004. Which became one of the most influential conservative blogs in the United States.

Erick Erickson Age

Erickson was born on 3 June 1975 in Jackson, Loisiana, U.S. He is 55 years old.

Erick Erickson Family

Erickson moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates when he was five, and returned to Jackson when he was fifteen. He attended the American School of Dubai, previously known as the Jumeirah American School. Erick’s father worked for Conoco Oil as an oil company production foreman.

Erick Erickson Wife

He is married to Christy Erickson. He suffered serious blood clots in his lungs and almost died. At almost that same time. Christy found out she had a tumor in her right lung, then another one in her left.

Erick Erickson Career

After college, Erickson worked as a lawyer in Macon before becoming involved in politics. He served as a city councilman in Macon before being elected chairman of the Bibb County Republican Party.

In 2009, Erickson founded the conservative political blog., which quickly became one of the most influential conservative blogs on the internet. He also began hosting a radio show, “The Erick Erickson Show,” which is now syndicated nationally.

Erickson is a frequent contributor to Fox News and CNN, where he provides political commentary and analysis. He is known for his conservative views and has been an outspoken critic of both Democrats and Republicans who he believes are not conservative enough.

In addition to his media work, Erickson is also an author. He has written several books, including “Red State Uprising: How to Take Back America,” “Before You Wake: Life Lessons from a Father to His Children,” and “You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe.”

Overall, Erick has built a successful career as a conservative commentator and media personality, using his platforms to promote conservative values and ideas.

Erick Erickson Podcast | Erick Erickson WSB

Erickson is a conservative American political commentator, radio host, and blogger. He is known for his work as a contributor to Fox News and as the host of “The Erick Erickson Show” on WSB radio in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The Erick Erickson Show” is a daily talk radio show that covers news, politics, and current events from a conservative perspective. The show airs on weekdays from 12 pm to 3 pm Eastern time and can be listened to on WSB radio, the WSB radio app, and various other streaming platforms.

In addition to his radio show, he also hosts a podcast called “The Erick Erickson Podcast,” which features interviews with political figures, analysis of current events, and discussions on conservative ideology. The podcast is available on various platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Erickson is known for his conservative views and has been a vocal critic of both the Democratic and Republican parties at various times. He is a frequent guest on cable news networks and has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

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