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Jacqueline Laurita Biography

Jacqueline Laurita was born Jacqueline Elizabeth Laurita (Grippe), she is a reality television personality. She is also a Licensed Cosmetologist, Autism Advocate, Public Speaker, Expert Beauty Consultant, Humanitarian, and Author.

She has been featured in PEOPLE magazine. Jacqueline has also been a contributing editor for Parenting Magazine. Laurita shares Autism resources & information as well as her struggles and successes while raising a child with Autism .

Laurita also stays in contact with many families affected by autism where she shares resources, guidance, and support. She is also best known for starring in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She is also an actress, she is known for Bad Parents of 2012, Mercy of 2009 and The Real Housewives of New Jersey of 2009.

Rhonj Jacqueline Laurita

She has been a full time New Jersey Housewife on The Real Housewives of New Jersey since 2009. Laurita later departed the series in 2014.

She however made   several appearances throughout the season, before returning for Season 7. In April 2017, She announced she would not be returning for the series’ upcoming eighth season.

Apart from appearing on the series, she also appeared on Manzo’d with Children. She had a small role in Bad Parents directed by Cathya Jentis. In 2016, she co-wrote Get It!: The Busy Girl’s Guide to Getting Your “It” Together: A Beauty, Style, and Wellness Book alongside Jenè Luciani.

Teresa Giudice And Jacqueline Laurita

As its tradition, once a Real Housewives show season end wraps up its reunion, all eyes turn to the season ahead. For The Real Housewives of New Jersey season nine 2018, that meant placement of new but familiar faces.

Siggy Flicker announced her exit, claiming she got a bad edit. Rumors were already swirling that the Garden State series could bring back original cast members Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita.

Teresa Guidice told E! news that maybe if they both came back it was because they needed money. She did not want to reconcile and be friends with them again. She said that they are both evil people and did not want anything to do with evil people.

Jacqueline Laurita Autism

When his son Nicholas Laurita was diagnosed with autism, Jacqueline and her husband Chris, were very heartbroken and lost. By the support of the autism community, it gave them the guidance they needed to help their son. The couple, who starred on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, are use their platform to pay it forward.

“So many people reached out to share their stories and resources with us when Nicholas was diagnosed. I don’t know how we would have gotten through without that,” says Jacqueline from her Franklin Lakes home. “So whatever I’ve learned and whatever resources I have, I want to share that with other families.”

The couples’ dedication to the autism community is identified by their widespread involvement with numerous nonprofit able organizations.

Jacqueline and her husband attend countless charity events they also speak to thousands of families through email or social media messaging. They also travel the country for conferences.

They also use their social media accounts to spread information that autism organizations ask them to share. Looking back at all the support they’ve received over the years, the love birds felt a responsibility to give back to the society.

Their journey started in early 2011, when 18-month-old Nicholas began slowly showing signs of regression in his general development. By early 2012, the Lauritas knew it was time to seek some help. She said that she wanted autism to be more understood and accepted. She wanted her son Nicholas to be proud of whom he is.

Jacqueline Laurita Age | Birthday | How Old Is Jacqueline Laurita?

Grippe was born On April 26,1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. [agecalc birthdate=1970-04-26]

Jacqueline Laurita Family

She is the daughter of retired Army Colonel Jerome Grippe and his wife, Bonnie Grippe.
She is a sister to Robert and Thomas Grippe. Laurita is also a sister-in-law to Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo.

Matt Holmes Jacqueline Laurita

She was married to Matt Holmes in 1989 but later divorced in 1992.  They had a daughter, Ashlee.

In 2011, Matt Holmes and his wife Jody were arrested on suspicion of arson, insurance fraud, and money laundering. They were accused of starting a fire in their home to collect on an $429,000 insurance payment. They were subject to an FBI investigation. Jacqueline however went ahead to defend her ex-husband and his wife.

Fire investigators said that the fire was set intentionally. This was after finding no electrical shorts or any other reasonable cause. This is after an insurance representative received a tip that Holmes had been involved in the act.

According to a witness who was reportedly their nanny, Matt told her she would receive $5,000 from the insurance settlement for her silence. Mr Holmes reportedly used kerosene and gasoline to start a fire in three rooms of their home.

Allegedly, it was his second attempt to start a fire at his house after the first one being unsuccessful.
His wife Jody however was accused of knowing about it and using the money from the insurance settlement to purchase a diamond ring worth $40,000 and got plastic surgery.

Jacqueline Laurita Husband

She later on got married to Chris Laurita. Chris Laurita was found liable for fraud in August 2017, by a federal judge. This was in connection with a protracted bankruptcy case.

Laurita’s clothing firm Signature Apparel had filed for bankruptcy in 2009. In 2010, Anthony Labrosciano, who was designated by the court to settle the company’s affairs, filed a lawsuit against the couple, his brothers and sister-in-law Joseph, Anthony and Adeline Laurita for allegedly using the firms’ bank accounts to pay for private jets, lavish vacations and expensive cars.

Joseph and Adeline Laurita settled their part of the case in 2014 for $1 million. Chris ,Jacqueline and Anthony Laurita remained in litigation over the matter.

Jacqueline Laurita Son| Daughter

Her sons are C.J. and Nicholas. Her son  Nicholas was diagnosed with autism.

Chris operates a popcorn company, The Little Kernel. The profits are donated to a foundation that provides resources to parents with children on the autism spectrum.

Jacqueline Laurita Son Autism

Her son Nicholas was diagnosed with autism. Laurita didn’t take anything for granted and she believed that true wealth is about love, family, friends, positivity, personal growth, and helping others in need. She is also a mother warrior and became a celebrity ambassador to several non-profit Autism organizations.

She also stays in contact with many families affected by autism. Laurita shares resources, guidance, and support. Her mission in life is to help as many families as she can who are affected by autism. She shares her passion for all things related to beauty.

Jacqueline Laurita Grand baby | Grand son

Her first grandchild, Cameron Hendrix Malleo, was born on August 30, 2016, to Ashlee her daughter and her fiancé, Pete.

Jacqueline Laurita Net Worth | How Much Is Jacqueline Laurita Worth

Her husband Chris Laurita is an American businessman and also a reality television cast member who is worth $500 thousand.

Jacqueline Laurita Book

Get It!  – A Beauty, Style, and Wellness Guide to Getting Your “It” Together

Jacqueline Laurita Foreclosure

In 2015, Hudson City Savings Bank filed papers in Bergen County Courthouse to foreclose on the Franklin Lakes home of the Lauritas’. Another home owned by her husband, located in Wayne, was also being foreclosed upon.
The two had placed the Franklin Lakes home on the market in January 2014 for $2.85 million, they then dropped the price later that year to $2.78 million.

According to the filing, Chris took out a $1.6 million mortgage in October 2007, with monthly payments of $10,846, but had not made a single payment since October 2014.

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