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Chris Keefer Biography

Chris Keefer grew up in the wilds of Montana. And developed a deep passion for the outdoors from an early age. He has dedicated his life to exploring and experiencing the untamed beauty of nature. Alongside his brother Casey, Chris has embarked on numerous adventurous expeditions and outdoor pursuits.

Chris Keefer Age | Chris and Casey Keefer Age | Keefer Brothers Age

Chris is 44 years old. His brother Casey Keefer is about 30 years old.

Chris Keefer Family

Chris has a younger brother Casey Keefer who is his wilderness partner. Together, the duo is referred to as the Keffer brothers. The bothers are hooked on adrenaline. The adrenaline is generated when they’re dropped out in an out of the way place. That is far away from available help to survive.

The duo thrives in these situations and their addiction pushes them to keep looking for more intense challenges. However, Casey is a history buff and he loves searching for clues that lead to evidence. That will help to explain some of the mysteries that they are attempting to solve.

The Keefer brothers also have a younger brother Cody Keefer.

Chris Keefer Wife

Chris is married to his wife Katie to whom he has been married for 15 years as of 2019. Keefer and Katie have a daughter, Kylie together. However, his wife is very supportive of his lifestyle and career choice.

When Chris is not chasing a big game in Alaska. He is enjoying a round of golf back home in Michigan, United States. Keefer’s shelter construction skills quickly translate to mastery in the art of fort building.

Chris and Casey Keefer Dropped

Chris and Casey Keefer gained popularity through their show “Dropped: Project Alaska,” which aired on the Sportsman Channel. The show followed the Keefer Brothers as they were dropped into remote locations in Alaska with minimal supplies and had to rely on their survival skills to navigate the rugged terrain and harsh conditions.

“Dropped: Project Alaska” showcased the brothers’ resilience, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt in challenging environments. They faced various obstacles and encountered wildlife while showcasing their hunting, fishing, and survival techniques. The show provided viewers with an immersive experience of the Alaskan wilderness and the physical and mental demands of living off the land.

Throughout the series, Chris and Casey Keefer shared their expertise in outdoor survival, demonstrating how to build shelters, find food and water sources, and handle unexpected situations. They also highlighted the importance of conservation and respecting nature in their outdoor pursuits.

“Dropped: Project Alaska” captivated audiences with its thrilling adventures and authentic portrayal of the brothers’ experiences in the wild. It showcased their deep connection with nature and their passion for exploring the untamed beauty of Alaska.

The show provided viewers with a unique perspective on outdoor survival and inspired many to appreciate and engage with nature in a more profound way. Chris and Casey Keefer’s skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the outdoors made “Dropped: Project Alaska” a compelling and educational series for outdoor enthusiasts and fans of adventure programming.

Code Of The Wild Keefer Brothers | Keefer Brothers Travel Channel

“The Code of the Wild premiered on August 6, 2019, starring the Keefer brothers on Travel Channel. The show follows the brothers as they attempt to solve some of history’s biggest mysteries in locations that are inaccessible to the average man.

The show investigates everything from the Boggs-Begich Alaskan plane crash to a lost colony of Ecuadorian giants. The show’s first of eight hour-long episodes follow the Keefer brothers on the road to El Dorado to locate the lost City of Gold. The brothers begin their journey in Rio de Janeiro, eventually heading deep into the Amazon.

Keefer Brothers Hunting Shows

  • Dropped
  • Code Of The Wild
  • Rival Wild

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